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It’s a rapidly changing world out there

In a new reality where old plans and blueprints will get you nowhere, success is all about putting change at the heart of your business model, and embracing it.

Make uncertainty work for you

To remain in control of your future, your entire organization, from leadership to individual teams, will have to rethink, retool, and reprioritize on the go. This is what we mean by resilience, and what we think is needed in these unprecedented times – because only resilient organizations thrive in uncertainty.

Resilience: It’s time for courageous leadership and unprecedented moves

Never before has there been a higher demand for clarity and understanding what will come next – but that’s simply out of our reach. The times call for unprecedented actions and adaptability to open up paths to a positive future beyond the current haze.


  • Leadership after corona – a personal view

    For years we’ve talked about disruption and how it will come for one business sector at a time. The message was always that there were ways to prepare for the change – or even steer it. But then COVID-19 came along.

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  • COVID-19 and digitalization: Four areas of tech set to boom post-pandemic

    As the pandemic reshapes the global business environment, it’s important not to lose sight of the new, emerging digital business opportunities.

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  • Business model innovation helps industrial firms move beyond COVID-19

    When traditional business models no longer work, companies have to do more than just try to adapt to shifting customer needs and market conditions.

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  • Remote work: Start adapting today to stay on top of your future

    Organizations that have invested in resilient business practices and ways of working are best equipped to ride out the ongoing turmoil – but others can and should seize every opportunity to adapt as well. Find out how we can help you.


  • Tools for Resilient Futures

    In a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, we need the capability to innovate, look around, identify emerging opportunities, and make better long-term decisions. Proactive futures thinking gives organizations a structured way to approach these issues.

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  • Get the most out of remote work

    We’re no strangers to remote work, but as the pandemic started, many awesome people at Futurice took it upon themselves to find ways to make working from home even more rewarding, efficient and enjoyable. Here’s what they came up with.

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  • Symptom Radar

    Finland’s largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and Futurice teamed up to build a service that gathers anonymous symptom reports from the general public to create situational awareness and help healthcare professionals understand the geographical spread of symptoms related to COVID-19 in Finland.

  • Pivoting into remote mode

    When the pandemic worsened throughout Europe, more than 550 Futuriceans shifted into remote working mode overnight. Dozens of adjustable desks, office chairs, displays, and other supplies were delivered from our offices to our employees’ doorsteps to help them build proper remote work setups at home.

  • Fighting the good fight, one face shield at a time

    In Sweden, we volunteered our 3D printer Berit to produce face shield parts to help protect healthcare professionals in the frontline of the crisis, as part of an effort coordinated by Stockholm Makerspace. The parts were distributed to hospitals throughout the country.

  • Sharing best practices and keeping morale up

    To counter the adverse effects of being isolated from our colleagues for an extended period of time, we have set up new Slack channels and internal workshops for sharing best practices related to working from home. Remote afterwork beers have been organized to serve as alternatives to socializing at the office, and home-delivered chocolate care packages help keep spirits up during isolation.

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