Changing Energy Markets

Success in a new age calls for new revenue models, new attitudes, new partners and a new way of working.

Energy markets are diversifying at a rapid pace. In an environment where customers are also producers of energy, utilities have to fully embrace customer centricity. However, they also need to re-think their data utilization. With the right partners, aggregated data can be used to develop smart electricity solutions that have an impact on both a household and a grid level.

Energy market trends for the next few years

How can Data & AI help you master innovation in the energy business?

Our speakers Per Edoff, VP of Strategic IT and Digitalization at Fortum, and Helmut Scherer, Managing Director at Futurice, help you master this challenge by sharing practical insights and hands-on experiences from years of service creation.

Deep dives into the energy sector

Our energy white paper

  • Changing Energy Markets

    Cleaner Energy requires new revenue models, ways of working and partnerships in the energy industry. Take a look at how energy companies can use customer-centricity, data, and ecosystems to future-proof their business.

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    What’s next, Energy?

    Views from the energy industry

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