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The heart of the mobility industry is evolving — it's time to drive that change.

Future of mobility is driven by two trends: more consumer control of their data and deepening the trust in your brand.

Our key insights on mobility innovation

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    A grand market entrance - how to successfully design an urban mobility ecosystem

    Rapid urbanization, technological progress, and changing customer expectations are pressuring strategic thinking and design processes of urban mobility providers. The service customers are demanding can only be delivered by integrated urban mobility ecosystems.

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  • 02

    Building trust and creating value – how to use data in mobility ecosystems

    Car manufacturers are entering an uncharted territory as consumer priorities are shifting in the automotive market. To come out on top, the industry will need to understand the role of data in the future and focus on building trust in the changing business landscape.

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  • 03

    Leveraging the power of trust and data in urban mobility

    The mobility landscape is prone to radical and far-reaching change. Luckily, it is not the first sector to get disrupted. Certain things are very likely to play out similarly to other business sectors - and companies can capitalize this while carving out their competitive advantage.

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  • 04

    The long haul - how to win the race for the future of urban mobility

    As rapid urbanization creates a demand for better urban mobility, efforts to provide people with the services they need are hampered by the last two decades of mobility providers trying to build their own ecosystems.

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  • 05

    Mobility and Sustainability

    We examined how different sectors might actually connect to build green infrastructure and support sustainable mobility.

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  • 06

    Electrification of Mobility in cities

    Explore how cities approach electrification at the scale of public transportation and commercial vehicle fleets.

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More insights on mobility trends and the future of mobility

The car is dead, long live the mobility ecosystem

A mix of rapid urbanization, technological advancements, and changing customer expectations is pressuring strategic thinking and design processes of urban mobility providers. The service customers are demanding can only be delivered by integrated urban mobility ecosystems.

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How should the mobility industry prepare for future trends?

  • Understand customer needs and provide value

    What you need to do: If you want your customers to share data, you need to maximise the value of the collected data - both for your customers, and your company - and clearly show the value to your customer.

    How we can help: To succeed with data, you need to be human-centered. We work with you to identify the right customers and their specific desires, match customer and business value and build the right ecosystems around it.

  • Create trust and gain loyalty by showing the value of sharing data

    What you need to do: Build trust and loyalty as basis for successful data-driven ecosystems. If one of them is lost, it is very difficult to regain.

    How we can help: We help you identify “Trust Triggers” in your customer journeys, measure your “Trust Battery” constantly and formulate a data handling processes that supports you in prioritising trust. To gain loyalty we help you develop comprehensive and tailored user experiences over the entire usage period.

  • Ensure access to data and create value

    What you need to do: To ensure continuous access to customer data you need to identify and secure business critical touchpoints, measure their data maturity and improve the data collection.

    How we can help: We support you in detecting crucial brand touchpoints and identify which activities are feeding your customer data cycle. We help you to explore opportunities to become the best data custodian for your customers and run a customer data sprint to look at services and offerings from an unbiased data perspective.

  • What have we done with the mobility industry?
    Our Mobility Approach in the Global Press

    Connect, now! Digital transformation in the mobility sector

    How can mobility players gain a comprehensive understanding of their available data and make the best use of it? The advantage is with whoever can link the understanding of their data with their strategy. Read more about successful digital transformation in the mobility industry here.

    Source: Vision Mobility (German)

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