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We care about our people, and the work we do. Clients love us because we’re effective, intelligent, patient and kind, not to mention modest. We want to empower you to become a better version of yourself and to have more impact on the world. Trust, Transparency, Care and Continuous Improvement - are present in everything we do.

Our people promises

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    We are all about people

    We trust each other.
    We care about each other.
    We are open and honest.
    We empower and encourage each other.

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    We are co-creating the future

    Our work has meaning and makes an impact on society. By helping our clients thrive, we co-create a better future.

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    We are committed to helping you become a better version of you

    We challenge each other to find a path of personal growth.
    We support each other as we learn and grow as people and professionals.

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    We are international, with Nordic roots

    We come from all over the world. Our clients are international, as are the opportunities we provide. Our culture is built on a Nordic heritage of trust and transparency.

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    We are cultivating a diverse and proud community

    We are committed to building an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and grow.

We're Futurice

Co-Creating a Resilient Future

We are an international digital engineering and innovation company. We create digital products and services and help our clients unleash a culture of innovation that makes them future capable.

Futurice has over 600 employees, with offices 8 cities around Europe: Berlin, Helsinki, London, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, Stuttgart and Tampere.

We are committed to constantly improving our diversity & inclusion as well as sustainability. We are also making the world a slightly better place through encouraging and empowering our people to contribute to open-source projects, software and otherwise. Read more about our Spice program for open source with over 20,000 hours contributed since 2014, here.

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  • Heidi Pech

    Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, Head of Employer Branding, Finland

    +358 50 321 6719


  • Maria Calonius

    HR & Recruitment Lead, Finland

    +358 50 5686950


  • Elias Ylänen

    Web Developer


  • Ville Keski-Nikkola

    Talent Acquisition, Code Witcher, Tampere

    +358 40 036 8026


  • Isabell Pörksen

    Head of HR Germany


  • Katharina Schütte

    Talent Acquisition Manager, Berlin


  • Irina Sirakova-Brumbarov

    Talent Acquisition Manager, Munich/Stuttgart


  • Cecilia Lövström

    Head of Operations, Stockholm


  • Johan Lauri

    Tech Lead, Stockholm


  • Pål Werdenhoff

    Managing Director, Oslo

    +47 907 25 404


  • Tiina Raittinen

    Human Care, Talent Attraction, Global Mobility, Tampere

    +358 50 339 0354


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