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Diversity, equity and inclusion at Futurice

An organization is only as capable as its people. In order to ensure our success in the future, we believe Futurice has to be committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of our business.

Why DE&I matters and what are our goals

Futurice’s customer-centric thinking, based on the Lean Service Creation methodology, always emphasizes the end-user. We serve a variety of clients around the world, co-creating digital products and services for a wide range of people with extremely diverse needs. To ensure those needs are properly understood and met, it is crucial that different backgrounds and perspectives are also represented in our own ranks. To that end, our own culture must also be inclusive and support diversity.

As a logical consequence of this thinking, we have chosen to also include diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in our company strategy, and set ourselves clear and measurable goals towards which we work. Our DE&I ambition is to celebrate diversity, and commit to building an inclusive international culture with equitable opportunities and a sense of belonging to everyone.

Our DE&I goals are guided by two key sources. First and foremost, our DE&I audit has helped us identify specific aspects in our thinking and ways of working that we should improve. The second guiding beacon comprises our overall vision and company strategy, which help us make decisions based on what we are aiming to be.

Our DE&I goals

  • A completely inclusive workplace

    By 2024, we have closed the fair treatment and inclusion gap between genders we have today.

  • The first choice for women in tech

    By 2024, we want to have a 33% share of women across all career levels within our tech competence.

  • Our leadership mirrors the rest of Futurice

    By 2024, we want our leadership teams represent the gender and nationality diversity of Futurice as a company.

What Futurice’s DE&I efforts mean for our clients

Global perspective and talent pool

Our team of more than 800 Futuriceans originates from over 50 countries. Investing in diversity helps us hire the best international talent – not just people from our home markets.

Diverse teams get better results

Diversity comes in many forms, such as country of origin, career path, age, gender, and industry specialization – all of which help us deliver better digital products. We recognize diversity as a key element in successful business and a driver of financial performance.

Inclusivity empowers people to perform at their best

We abide by a code of conduct that helps us promote inclusion in our teams, and with our clients and partners. We continuously develop our ways of working to be more inclusive as we progress on our DE&I journey.

Our code of conduct

What we expect from each other

Our code of conduct was created to help us foster a safe, inclusive and welcoming work environment for every Futuricean. Its purpose is to outline how we should act towards each other, and ensure a sense of belonging for everyone. You’re welcome to take a closer look at it and adapt it into use within your own organization.

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The inclusion canvas by Futurice

Create more inclusive services and products with the Inclusion canvas

The success of new products and services depends increasingly on their inclusivity, and how well they meet different end-user needs. Make more conscious decisions and cater to broader and more diverse user groups with the Inclusion canvas, a free-to-use tool for product and service teams.

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