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Embrace the possibilities of the new era in retail. We’ll help you conquer the market and win your customers over by creating a distinctive brand and an unmatched shopping experience – a seamless, data-enabled service that runs regardless of time and place, and delivers on your customers’ expectations.


Your potential customers are out there, expecting to be served on their terms, anytime and anywhere. Their behavior is becoming less predictable as individual preferences grow more diverse and customer segments keep fragmenting.

Today, openness and sustainability are no longer just nice for retailers to have – they’re requirements. And as the use of cookies comes to an end, digital marketing will depend increasingly on trust and a well-defined purpose. At the same time, rapid changes caused by the pandemic have forced the sector to rethink traditional store concepts, operations, and supply chains, and new disruptive payment methods and ecosystems have sprung up everywhere.

Retail’s shift towards software and data platforms has begun. Let us show how your business can adapt and flourish in this unknown territory.

How we can boost your retail business

Our mission is to help you deliver distinctive experiences your customers can’t resist. We simplify the complex, think outside the box and co-create new innovations in practice – all the way from strategy, cultural change, brand identity and storytelling to service design and adopting cutting-edge technologies.

These, combined with the smart use of data, will enable you to thoroughly understand your end customer’s behavior and harness it as a driver for sales. In ecommerce, we fluently cooperate with our digital sales consultancy Columbia Road.

We will help you solve retail challenges such as:

defining your story and purpose

engaging your customers

personalizing your services

providing the teams and talent you need

controlling and improving the supply chain

offering an easier and safer shopping experience

enhancing availability, transparency, and sustainability

renewing your culture and business processes to support digital transformation

integrating physical and digital environments into a seamless customer experience

What our clients say

The impact this app has had is no coincidence. Customers participated in the design process at all junctures.

Antti Rajala

Sales Director, Kesko, on developing K-Ruoka mobile app

When getting started, our first steps are to…

  • 01

    Identify what your customers really need, not just what they want.

  • 02

    Define what needs to be done to get there.

  • 03

    Focus and effectively organize a multidisciplinary team to deliver exactly that.

  • 04

    Use data and latest technologies to create the ultimate customer experience, increase operational efficiency and more.

  • 05

    Listen, iterate, develop, repeat.

Let’s Rethink Your Retail

Wherever you are on your digital journey, we can help you along the way. Let's co-create your future together!

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