State of hype tech - part 1

The rest

If you’ve searched the markets for the next big thing which could bring huge savings or more customers to you, you might have noticed the nea…

Lauri Anttila Business Development Manager, Consultant

Operation Snowflake is here (again!)

The rest

It is once again the time of the year when some of the people at Futurice pack their bags and head to northern Finland to open up our officia…

Tuomo Hakaoja Head of IT, Team Builder

What I've Learned Validating with Joi

Software development

My most recent project is entirely form- and data-driven and I needed a way to easily handle some complex front-end validation. For this, I turned to Joi.

Daniel Yuschick Software Developer

Could machine learning help us build world peace?


Professor Timo Honkela from Helsinki University has spent his life to study language and machine intelligence. He looks optimistically in to the future and believes that machine learning could help people communicate and understand each other better.

Tuomas Paasonen Work culture engineer / Social responsibility

The Futurice Culture Handbook


What is company culture? It's the values, beliefs and behaviours practiced in an organization when no-one is watching. A year ago we decide…

So Long, Cowboy! My Four SXSW Take-Aways


From Indie band Star Crawler to Elon Musk’s surprise Q&A, SXSW is a festival that largely lives up to its hype. Attending at the invitat…

Helmut Scherer Managing Director