Introduction to Serverless

Software development

By this stage, “serverless” services, otherwise known as Functions as a Service (FaaS), have hit the mainstream. If you have not heard about…

Ilkka Poutanen Senior Specialist

Build a macOS Empire 👑

Software development

Best practices, inspiration, and guidance for you to get your macOS from zero to hero for software development.

Sajjad Hosseini Software Developer

Classifying text with fastText in pySpark

The rest

Background We are working in a customer project where we need to classify hundreds of millions of messages based on the language. Python li…

Teemu Kinnunen Data Scientist

Digital Business Delivery Leadership


Companies across all industries should acknowledge that to succeed in the marketplace in the new digital era, IT and business cannot be two isolated functions with poor communication. To be able to develop new digital capabilities, companies need more cross-functional approach and people who are competent on both areas to drive the change.

Teppo Tommila Business Strategist