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Design breakfast is a monthly newsletter from designers to designers. There's always something new to learn in the world of design. And Design Breakfast — curated by our designers from across our offices in Finland, Germany and Sweden — combines the latest, most interesting topics that sparked inspiration among our designers recently. It also tells the story of the designer curator of the month: how has their journey towards design been? What have been their most valuable learnings? What inspired them to become a designer? Newsletter is delivered to your inbox on the first Friday of each month.

Niina Mäki, a Helsinki-based senior service designer at Futurice has shared articles from the world of sustainable and ethical design. Being a sustainable development expert with roots around the globe, Niina firmly believes that design thinking can help us resolve some of the world’s wickedest problems.

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Meet your curators

  • Lisha Dai
    Designer & Storyteller
  • Korhan Buyukdemirci
    Principal Consultant, Strategic Design
  • Maija Mäenpää
    Senior Service/Strategic Designer
  • Niina Mäki
    Senior Service Designer

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