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Giving the Travel Industry New Wings

It’s time for the travel industry to shift from survival mode towards business in the new normal

The travel industry’s prolonged time-out in survival mode has resulted in plummeting revenues and talent leaving for other fields – but the disruption will pass eventually. The companies that travel in the right direction today will lead the industry tomorrow.

State of travel industry today

When the uncertainty clears and travel restrictions are lifted the world will reopen and people will resume traveling to destinations old and new, using the safest, easiest, – and increasingly, the most sustainable – service providers.

At the same time, the global travel market will be rearranged as the industry bounces back from the recession. For travel companies, it’s a fight or flight situation – and the only alternative is the former.

How Futurice can help the travel industry

Our mission is to help you deliver the innovative travel experiences that separate your company from the rest, with agility and new ways of doing things. It’s about offering smooth, safe, and personal customer journeys starting right from the passenger’s doorstep, and an interconnected mix of physical and digital.

We simplify the complex, think outside the box and co-create new innovations in practice – from service design to adopting cutting-edge technologies. These, combined with the smart use of data, will enable you to thoroughly understand your end customer’s behavior and harness it as a driver for sales. In ecommerce, we fluently cooperate with our digital sales consultancy Columbia Road.

By supporting your organization’s agile cultural transformation, we will help you become more innovative as well as a more attractive option for the top talents looking for the best place to work.

We will help you solve travel industry challenges such as:

identifying the most critical development goals

engaging your customers by personalizing your services and making traveling with you easier and safer

developing more sustainable operating and business models and services

improving accessibility for passengers

creating new business models and creating ecosystems with other industry operators

providing the teams and talent you need

adopting new technologies: big data, AI, robotics, face recognition, VR, contactless payments, voice control etc.

renewing your business processes to support digital transformation

integrating physical and digital environments into seamless customer experience

building the future-capable and attractive organizational culture that attracts talents.

What our travel industry clients say

Futurice is a true partner in digital transformation, both in delivering high-quality digital solutions but also in setting up modern and efficient ways-of-working.

Maria Andersson

Head of Digital Development & Customer Interaction, Scandinavian Airlines

Working with people from Futurice is inspiring and rewarding. They are not afraid to challenge the client if that’s needed to yield the best possible results. I especially appreciate their willingness to look for and present solution options that often consider all perspectives.

When we create new services for our customers, the processes are visualized in a way that makes them understandable and clear to all stakeholders. I have great respect for the proactive and solution-centered attitude of the Futuriceans we work with. To me it doesn’t even feel like a client-vendor relationship, but more like a real team. Working together is fun, informal, relaxed, and flexible. Awesome people and real pros

Carita Närvänen

Development Manager, Finavia

Futurice has been a great partner to gather new ideas and innovative solutions for our customers. The team quickly understood what we were looking for with this project and how we are able to enhance the touchpoint «Lounge» in the customer journey. Combining the basic needs of our customers with innovative ideas and services, Futurice developed a portfolio with numerous different ideas and solutions.

Michael Prade

Director Product Management Lounges & Premium Services, Lufthansa

When getting started, our first steps are to…

  • 01

    Identify what your customers really need now, not just what they want.

  • 02

    Define what needs to be done.

  • 03

    Focus and agilely organize a multidisciplinary team to deliver exactly that.

  • 04

    Use data and latest technologies to create the ultimate customer experience, increase operational efficiency and more.

  • 05

    Listen, iterate, develop, repeat.

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