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Operational & Cultural Renewal with digital, data & AI

Our data-enabled approach is based on lean change management, organizational design and innovation methods that enable a smooth flow from business strategy to execution. Data-enabled business models and strategies for the digital world and beyond, Unleash continuous and data-enabled innovation, Agile ways of working foster innovation and organizational redesign, Leveraging AI for organizational design.

Data-enabled business models and strategies for the digital world and beyond

Designing the future is a creative art. Our data-enabled organization design methods help you deal with uncertainty by creating and making this real and tangible. Innovative ideas are only valuable if they become real. To ensure maximum impact, we build pathways and platforms that are technically scalable and cost-effective, with practical strategies that can be realized and deliver value.

We use a wide range of strategic tools and data-enabled methods to help organizations take advantage of untapped opportunities in the market. Our data-enabled organization design methods include but are not limited to research, ideation, market strategy, forecasting, technology planning, and business modeling.

Unleash continuous and data-enabled innovation

The world of business has a low-grade addiction to innovation theater - people going through the motions and making the right moves, with little or no impact. Consistent innovation requires an environment and mindset conducive to out-of-the-box thinking and doing.

Our data-enabled organization design supports your innovation and venture teams in all phases of their work - from ideation to exploration and growth - via facilitation or hands-on work. We’ll help you zoom in on a current business problem or a subset of problems worth solving. Our pragmatic “doer” approach allows teams to show concrete results without a huge investment in money or time. The team’s stakeholders quickly see tangible benefits and a demonstrable ROI.

Agile ways of working foster innovation and organizational redesign

People are a far more fundamental factor in organizational success than either design or technology. Creating an environment that supports people and allows them to shine is the key. Naturally, leadership plays an important role.

We work closely with leadership across the business to build a vision for change. We’ll help you build a future capable culture that’s hungry for growth by harnessing the power of experiments to unlock the potential in your organization. Our proven data-driven approach creates the conditions people need to practise new behaviours and build a sustained belief in new ways of working and collaborating.

Leveraging AI for organizational design

To create a truly data-enabled organization, people must understand the importance of data and AI as well as how to use AI solutions drive value in their business. Organizational leaders must understand the systemic and cultural impact of AI. We are facing a profound rethink of company structures, operating models, role definitions, measures of individual success and career progress.

We’ll help you create an empowering and autonomous work culture and drive change. We advise organizations on the new mindsets and shifts in everyday practices that an AI-powered cultural transformation requires. Together we can shape inspiring visions of a data and AI-powered future to create the motivation and momentum required to move people towards it. Get in touch with our experts below to start your data-driven innovation journey today!

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