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Meet the companies powering our electric future

Our Electric 30 report surveys the companies we believe are having the biggest impact on e-mobility today, as well as those primed to shape the sector in the coming years. Download your copy!

e30 report

A fast-growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs and visionaries – within existing industrial giants and at start ups – are having an enormous impact on the world of electric mobility. The E30 report surveys and scores the companies we believe are shaping the sector. Now and for years to come.

Focused on the UK, and as part of a holistic Futurice view of mobility, this report casts an analytical eye across 30 of the most exciting companies who are delivering on their promise. We’ve weighted our ranking to emphasise impact and outcomes – there is an immense job to be done in order to build mature EV infrastructures. Charging infrastructure, charging speeds, seamless payment models and battery disposal represent one set of challenges. The intersection between EV and home energy; the link to the grid and renewables; the role of EVs in fleet, logistics and public transport are others.

Download the E30 report – our take on the now, new and next of electric mobility.

Download your copy!