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Futurice Academy

Futurice Academy is a special four month paid training program for “soon to be graduated” students and career changers. The Academy period will consist of extensive studies and project work in one of our client or internal projects - or perhaps a bit of both. Work times are flexible and you get to work full-time, alongside an experienced cross-disciplinary team to learn the craft of modern software consulting. Kick-start your future career journey with us.

Students in a discussion in the office during an Academy session

About Futurice Academy

1. Application

Application period for 2022 Academy program is closed. Stay tuned for more information about the next application period!

Send a CV and a cover letter that tells us more about you. Share also your most interesting study or hobby software development or data projects. If you don’t have one, check the instructions from the FAQ section about leaving a homework assignment. We prefer links to the code repositories, such as GitHub, and to live running demos if you have one.

Academy students working on a project together

2. Selection process

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know everything beforehand. The main expectation for you is to be willing to learn a lot and that you have some development or data related experience. You get the chance to grow as a full-stack developer or a data specialist in a cloud-native environment. We make the pre-selection based on the project and application. For those who continue, we organize one interview (at our office or remotely) where you get to learn more about Futurice and we get to learn more about you!

3. Onboarding and Academy activities

All students will go through Futurice's onboarding process, including HC, IT, lectures on our ways of working, being a consultant and Futurice’s values. In addition, you take part in a special Academy onboarding with study plans, group work and expectation management.

4. Lectures by senior futuriceans

You get to participate in at least 10 lectures prepared by senior futuriceans. Topics include software development, cloud, and data.

5. Individual mentoring

Each of the students will get an individual mentor for the duration of the entire Academy to maximize your learning and professional growth. This is one of the ways to get the most out of your learning journey at Futurice.

6. Certification studies

During the Academy, we expect students to go through studies and complete at least three basic certificates during their work time as follows: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Microsoft Certified: Azure Foundation and Professional Scrum Master I by

7. Project work

On top of mentoring and certification studies, you will work alongside an experienced cross-disciplinary team to learn the craft of modern software consulting in an actual customer project or/and internal development project.

8. After graduation

If you’re up for it, there will be a possibility to continue your Futurice journey after the Academy period. Many of our previous trainees have stayed with us or returned to Futurice later in their careers.


Q: Can I work part-time or is this only a full-time position?

This is a full-time opportunity.

Q: What happens after the Academy period?

There is a chance to continue your Futurice journey after the trainee period.

Q: Is this a paid internship?

Yes. We invest in your learning and you will get a fixed monthly compensation.

Q: Is there a remote work option?

Our office locations are Tampere, Helsinki, Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart. We have a hybrid working mode depending on the team, so occasional work from home might be possible. We don’t offer relocation or remote work opportunities outside our offices.

Q: Is the homework assignment mandatory?

No. But we expect to see some of your past projects before the interview, so we want to give everyone a chance to demonstrate their skill set. We recommend doing the assignment if there is no other project available to share with us. We use your project(s) or assignment as part of the assessment process when we decide who we select for the interview round.

Q: Do I have to send a transcript of my studies? Is it mandatory?

A transcript is not mandatory. We give you the option to send a transcript of your studies if you feel that it gives relevant additional information about your skillset that you can’t otherwise provide. As we welcome people with different backgrounds to apply to our Academy program, consider your own situation. The minimum application document requirements are a CV, cover letter and project or homework assignment.

Q: What do you mean by “some experience”?

We hope you already had a chance to apply your software development or data specialist skills in some projects. It can be a school or a hobby project or maybe even some real project from your past internships.

Q: What is the time allocation between training and project work?

Most of the learning happens in projects. Of course, the situation is different between the projects, but we expect you to spend at least 30% of your time on various training activities during the Academy.

Q: What is the Homework assignment? How can I return it with my application?

If you don't have an existing project to share, don't worry. Below is an idea for a project that you can build to showcase your skills in your favorite tech stack:

A lot of modern development on web and mobile is built around using APIs to get, analyze and display data. GitHub's REST API offers a public interface to users, repositories and projects in GitHub. What we'd like you to do, is to build a small app that utilizes that API: it could be a portfolio-style web application to showcase user's or organization's repositories, a mobile app to follow open-source project's pull requests, or a machine learning service predicting the amount of contributions to a particular project, or even an interactive Power BI report with AI module and imaginative visualization. Surprise us with your creativity but keep in mind that you don’t need to create a full-blown service. Pick a few interesting features and focus on the quality of the solution. You shouldn't spend more than a few hours or evenings on this. Imagine you would need to continue developing and maintaining that application for a while and consider that other people might need to work with your code (including us as reviewers). Choice of technologies, architecture of your solution etc. is entirely up to you. Once you are ready, please provide the source code of the application and a short explanation, e.g. in a Github repository.

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