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Create fast business value with your data

Harnessing data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in business starts with one simple question: What do you want to achieve? We’ll help you figure it out and make your data deliver meaningful business value – fast.

Take hold of the benefits of data in business

From enabling complete situational awareness or next-level customer experiences to establishing intelligent operations and winning the ecosystem game, data has the power to transform your business and take you ahead of the competition.

Your organization is already sitting on a wealth of data that is waiting to be utilized. Starting from your business vision, we will help you identify your biggest opportunities and the most relevant problems you can solve with data, as well as find the data with the greatest direct business potential and craft solutions that deliver real business value.

Future-proof your business with data

We can also help you future-proof your business by creating new business models using data, building business cases around emerging AI technologies, as well as reconnecting your team with valuable company knowledge that was thought gone forever.

Additionally, Futurice can introduce your team to data-advised strategy creation and new ways to organize in order to harness the benefits of data at scale, and help you carry out a cultural change program towards a more data-mature organization.

  • Proven approach to data

    Our lean, customer-centric and multidisciplinary approach is a safe, proven and pragmatic way to make a holistic shift towards data-enabled business and services.

  • Sprint-based model

    In the planning and execution phase, we opt for a sprint model that enables us to start creating value fast, validate as we go, and expand and scale up incrementally.

  • Multidisciplinary teams

    We work in multidisciplinary teams that cover case-specific Data Science, Data Engineering and Business Intelligence roles essential to succeeding when working with data-enabled business development. In our approach, teams are mission-oriented and assume end-to-end responsibility over the life cycle of value creation.

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Data management is heading for a revolution.

Is your organization ready for a data mesh? Find new insights, perspectives, and directions to help you get started on your Data Mesh journey.

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Our key insights on data in business

Examples of our data and AI work for businesses

Together with our clients, we have already built several business cases centered around data, analytics and AI. Read more about our success stories:

Accelerate your data and AI journey with our book

There are three types of companies in the world:

  • Companies that don’t yet benefit from data and AI

  • Companies that use data and AI for internal purposes only

  • Companies that harness data and AI as an asset for competitive global growth

Where does your business belong? Our new book, Growth Reinvented: Turn Your Data and Artificial Intelligence into Money, takes a deep dive into the landscape of new business models enabled by data and AI, and helps you understand what they mean for your business.

Essential data and AI guides for businesses

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