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Data is at the heart of the new connected enterprise

Build your resilient business with data and artificial intelligence.

Harnessing data and AI at the core of your company is a crucial step in building a resilient business.

We’ve already witnessed what AI can do in automation – but it has potential for much more. Today, AI can take organizational connectivity to a new level on an unprecedented scale. This connectivity can unlock new competitive advantages and systemic change in the way businesses are run and how they create and capture value. And ultimately, it can enable a holistic renewal of your business. To reap their benefits, data and AI must be addressed on several levels and from many directions within the organization.

Our approach


Innovative and data-driven organizations are resilient. They learn fast and live long.

Data and AI have the power to move entire sectors and industries. They belong on the strategic agenda on the C-level – today, not tomorrow.


Data & AI: Why It’s Time to Stop Talking and Start Doing

A practical guide that helps you move beyond the hype and start your own data & AI journey.

When it comes to embracing AI, business leaders appear to think it’s a case of “Emperor’s New Clothes.” Lots of “oohs and aahs” about its potential but little hard evidence of its real-world benefits to prompt them to take it seriously.

At Futurice, our view is uncompromising: companies that fail to get to grips with AI risk becoming cautionary case studies about the importance of adapting.

Key Insights

  • The connected company rises along with data and AI

    Artificial intelligence is not (just) about automation, but also unprecedented connectivity within organizations. It helps make visible and even shape social networks, and turn them into better performance and innovativeness.

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  • Three steps to extracting business value from AI

    Discussion around AI has been dominated by technical and societal perspectives. The commercial side needs to take a bigger role in the conversation.

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  • Six inspirational ways to make money with data

    Understanding the commercial potential of data is one thing, but in order to succeed, companies must go beyond the obvious and apply creative thinking to their data commercialization efforts.

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  • AI, machine learning and deep learning explained

    Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are terms often used when describing latest and most exciting software. But what do these terms mean?

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  • Get to know our book

    Growth Reinvented

    How can companies grow and generate more revenue with data and AI? What are the relevant commercial models and monetization tactics for data and AI as a corporate asset? Accelerate your data and AI journey with Growth Reinvented book.

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