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Tomorrow’s success stories in the health industry will be built on smarter use of data and cooperation within ecosystems.

Tomorrow’s changes within the health industry force companies to rethink their plans and offerings. As the healthcare competitive landscape grows more heated and complex, success will go hand in hand with business resilience and future-oriented strategies.

In the coming years, winning approaches will rely on digital ecosystems and data-enabled solutions along the patient journey. Technology and data are crucial elements in unlocking new business opportunities and revenue streams for the healthcare industry. Healthcare ecosystems help different parts of the value chain to collaborate and support each other toward more sustainable wellbeing for all parties involved.

What do we think about the future of healthcare?

  • Data and ecosystems are the future of healthcare

    Shifting customer expectations, competition from big tech players and startups as well as a changing regulatory environment are driving the need for rapid transformation in the healthcare market. Digital ecosystems and data-driven services will help the healthcare industry build new revenue streams and connect different actors in collaboration for mutual benefit – and the benefit of the patient.

  • Our three-step formula to building winning digital healthcare services

    The fast-changing operational environment in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry offers huge opportunities for early adopters. To deliver digital health services successfully, companies need to focus on their customers, use data to understand patient patterns and build on valuable partnerships.

  • How to heal the supply chain issues within healthcare

    Digitalisation and optimisation of internal processes help companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Key efforts in a cost saving strategy lie within supply chain and procurement - a more integrated and centralised supply chain will result in great savings and better purchasing decisions. Read on to learn how to achieve greater standardisation and efficiency within the field of healthcare.

  • Why the future of medtech depends on world-class digital services

    Rapid advances in sensor and network technologies allow hardware manufacturers to continuously create better equipment. But at the same time, user needs and expectations are changing. To bridge the gap between hardware and customer needs, we have to embrace digital services.


    The future of health is connected

    Our connected Health Kit boost cross-disciplinary exchange to simplify processes in the complex field of healthcare. The Kit will help you co-create digital solutions for healthcare workflows and support in making the patient journey easier.

    Reference cases on technology and data in healthcare
    What's your pulse health?

    Interview with Friedrich Lämmel, Thryve

    Friedrich Lämmel from Thryve is convinced that the global pandemic has set the course for digital health transformation and it's time for health players to refine and execute their digital health strategy. Read more about his view on opportunities, partnerships, and customer-centricity in the healthcare market.

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