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Changing Energy Markets

Success in a new age calls for new revenue models, new attitudes, new partners and a new way of working.

Energy markets are diversifying at a rapid pace. In an environment where customers are also producers of energy, utilities have to fully embrace customer centricity. However, they also need to re-think their data utilization. With the right partners, aggregated data can be used to develop smart electricity solutions that have an impact on both a household and a grid level.

Our work

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    New ways for monitoring temperature and humidity creates cost savings for households

    Around the world, the need to make buildings more energy efficient and reduce CO2 emissions is becoming increasingly important. Together with Fortum Smart Living we sought a way to optimize the entire heating system.

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    Environmentally and economically more efficient hydropower production

    Energy market volatility has a major impact on both the sustainability and profitability of energy production. We worked with Fortum Apollo to improve the optimization of its energy production and sales.

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    Discover new customer value at the intersection of e-mobility & energy

    Energy flexibility becomes increasingly important. Together with Digital Energy Solutions, a joint venture between BMW Group and Viessmann group, we created an user experience strategy focused on providing the optimum energy solution, based on economy, sustainability and supply security.

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    Build an end-to-end digital sales & delivery platform for renewable energy

    Working with E.ON, we created a seamless and transparent customer experience for buying solar panels and home batteries via a set of digital touchpoints. They help customers calculate the potential benefits and investments, be informed of their order status, and their timetable for installation.


Future energy providers: Guardian angels or cooks without recipes?

Since the advent of energy deregulation and market-driven electricity pricing, there is a need for ways to match consumption data with generation data. Unfortunately with traditional electricity meters this is difficult. As the customer expects energy providers to be more than a boring necessity though, it is time for them to become full-service providers and use their potential to really look after their customers, their homes and their communities.

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    Business Lead, AI & IoT

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    Client Lead, Stockholm

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