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Changing Energy Markets

Success in a new age calls for new revenue models, new attitudes, new partners and a new way of working.

Energy markets are diversifying at a rapid pace. In an environment where customers are also producers of energy, utilities have to fully embrace customer centricity. However, they also need to re-think their data utilization. With the right partners, aggregated data can be used to develop smart electricity solutions that have an impact on both a household and a grid level.

Key insights

  • The transition towards cleaner energy production requires automated and AI-augmented energy management

    An increased production from renewable energy sources challenges the market. In this situation, automation and artificial intelligence become key to stable services.

  • Enabling the future of demand response at scale

    European energy markets are evolving at an unprecedented pace. One of the most impactful drivers behind these innovations is demand response. However, there’s a lot left to be done before the entire ecosystem is ready.

  • Why customer centricity is key to succeed in the energy business

    New technologies, services and business models are creating a stir in the global energy market. At the same time, new players are increasing competition. In this volatile market situation, customer-centricity becomes key to building a loyal customer base.

  • Smarter energy grid maintenance and development for a more resilient future

    In times of uncertainty companies that are able to rethink, retool and reprioritize on the go will thrive. More efficient grid works and smarter grids are a key element in this transformation of the energy sector.

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    Changing Energy Markets

    Cleaner Energy requires new revenue models, ways of working and partnerships in the energy industry. Take a look at how energy companies can use customer-centricity, data, and ecosystems to future-proof their business.

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    Interview with Lauri Anttila

    Using data to prevent power outages is really the biggest thing (even if it’s quite invisible to the end users). Electricity is even more important than internet access and if the power goes out, so does customer satisfaction.

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