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Building a culture of trust, care and transparency in Stockholm

At Futurice, or Futu Sweden as we call ourselves in Stockholm, we take pride in creating a culture that prioritizes care, trust, transparency, and continuous improvement. With a diverse and international team of 50 colleagues with diverse backgrounds and from over 20 different nationalities, we strive to create a workplace that enables our people to live their best work-lives.

Trust is given, not earned

Our belief in people's fundamental goodness is at the core of our culture of trust. We assume good intentions and trust each other to make validated decisions autonomously. At Futurice, trust is given, not something you have to earn. This trust extends to our clients, the world around us, and the work we do. We take pride in doing a good job, which includes looking out for each other and caring for our clients and the world.

Working here gives the concrete opportunity to express oneself as a professional designer, in a way that I could almost call independent. Our clients are certainly at the heart of what we do, as in so many other consulting firms, but here the real difference is made by the peculiarities of individuals who, free to express themselves and mix with others, are able to bring to life impactful projects that really make a difference.
Mattia Virtuani

It’s your ship

At Futurice, transparency is key. We share relevant information and disclose the thought process behind the decisions that we make. By having access to all the facts, we can make the right choices in our everyday work and focus on what's really important. “It’s your ship” - and we live by it.

What I love the most about working at Futu Sweden is the freedom I have. Not just in my own work, but the fact that I get to make my own hours and choose where I work from empowers me to have a better work-life balance.
Sylvia Rence

We pride ourselves in being a career-defining workplace for our people, by enabling the growth of the next generation of digital leaders. We value both success and failure for what they can teach us. We strive to continuously improve ourselves and the world around us, embracing all the unique quirks and qualities that make our diverse team fun to work with.

Working at Futurice is being authentic - In my opinion, the way of working and being confident that I get to drive impact by showing up everyday.
Eleana- Diadem
Digital Product Designer at Futu Sweden
What Futu Sweden gets right is the people aspect. Everyone I’ve met that works here has a similar mindset – we’re all curious, we all want to keep learning and we’re open minded and accepting of others. I haven’t met a single person I wouldn’t want to work with, which is great. The culture is very caring and work-life balance is seen as super important – there’s always support and understanding for things that are going on in your life. Especially as a junior developer it’s been a great place for me to grow. It’s also a very flat organisation – I can go for a walk with our MD and have a chat about life. Everything is up for discussion, and everything is transparent.
Sander Nobel

In the heart of Stockholm

Our Stockholm office is an essential part of our global core, and it reflects Sweden’s values of inclusion, innovation and sustainability. Our culture is what sets Futurice apart - and Futu Sweden is no exception.

Want to know more about life at Futu Sweden?

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  • Portrait of Jasmina Najem
    Jasmina Najem
    Junior Marketing Manager