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How do agile and devops interrelate?

While Agile has been the main focal point for software development, DevOps has recently emerged to claim a share of the territory. The belief that Agile and DevOps can't work hand-in-hand is only a misconception. Both methodologies work together to ensure a thriving market for software products. If Agile and DevOps collaborate, there will be no discrepancies or downtime in software. The central question that is often coined is: How do Agile and DevOps interrelate?

What is Agile?

Agile is the constant iteration of development and pilot testing during the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. This software development technique emphasises iterative, incremental, and evolutional growth. Instead of delivering in parts, the Agile method splits the product into smaller components and incorporates them for final testing.

In addition, Agile helps teams to offer value to their clients without any difficulties. The process encourages a continual evaluation of needs, plans, and results. With that, the team is able to react quickly to changes. It also enhances the capability of the team to design and respond to change. Furthermore, Agile focuses on handling and succeeding in an uncertain environment. Agile software development encompasses pair programming, sprints, stand-ups, test-driven developments, and planning sessions.

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What is DevOps?

The combination of development (Devs) and operations (Ops) makes up DevOps, collaborating for more effective software development with outstanding efficiency. This is a culture that boosts the cooperation between development and operation teams.

DevOps is a software development method that focuses on integration, collaboration, and communication among IT personnel to ensure quicker deployment of products. This results in customer satisfaction, making your products successful in the market. DevOps aims to deliver updates, fixes, and features while ensuring the product aligns with the business goals. Nowadays, DevOps model is also used in working on the cloud services in the cloud devops concept.

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Can Agile and DevOps work together?

One misconception about Agile and DevOps is that both can't work together. However, this isn't true. This misbelief negatively impacts everyone involved in the software development process and delivery field. Both methodologies would be a practical addition to the Scrum pillars of clarity, adaptation, and inspection to assist product teams in building, providing, and maintaining complex software. Both Agile and DevOps combined can deliver practical ideas that can enhance a team's work overflow to guarantee an organization's success.

Interrelation between Agile and DevOps

There is a strong interconnection between DevOps and Agile. While Agile controls software development, DevOps concentrates on bringing the code into production and enhancing the process. Even though the two approaches differ, they are interrelated. Both are critical characteristics of the software development life cycle.

Agile builds the framework for DevOps to inspire the teams to develop products faster. When both work together, the launching of new products will be consistent. Keep in mind that Agile and DevOps are not the same elements; they only work together to achieve a common goal — developing bug-free software that works perfectly.

Agile is concerned about people's connection to resources and processes while holding on to the ideas expressed in the Agile manifesto. DevOps, meanwhile, ensures that new inventions are quickly passed on to the operation and business unit without interruption.

In addition, the client controls the negotiation process. For these reasons, Agile and DevOps collaborate to stabilize the framework. When Agile and DevOps work together during the software development life cycle, the outcome is a shorter cycle with resource flexibility and transparency from external and internal feedback.

It's important to note that DevOps highlights the software requirement while the Agile teams work on the development. In other words, DevOps builds a product that the Agile teams test and deploy.

Technology involving DevOps and Agile

A common confusion among professionals is whether DevOps and Agile can synchronize in any technology. The simple answer is yes. Organizations utilize Agile development methodologies to ensure DevOps can harness benefits like speed and creativity.

The technology that incorporates these two methodologies is virtualization, which powers all features of the IT business environment. In addition, it allows organizations to scale resources and leverage both Agile growth and DevOps projects. With continuous integration of DevOps and the adoption of Agile development, organizations can enhance their software development and deployment speed.

Distinct software life cycle that involves both DevOps and Agile

These two techniques are involved in various software development lifecycle processes. These processes include:

  • Planning, coding, and building
  • Continuous integration continuous deployment (CICD)
  • Test, Quality Assurance, and Protection
  • IT management
  • Infrastructure orchestration
  • Monitoring and feedback


Now, you should fully understand how DevOps and Agile are both ideas used in various components of the Software Development Life Cycle. DevOps is a technical continuation of Agile's initial vision. The most successful software teams make sure to implement Agile development and DevOps deployment practices to build successful and working products. The most recent evolution of IT operations development are Site Engineering (SRE) services whose mission is to do the same for IT operations that agile and DevOps did to software development - turning IT into strategic investment.


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