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Futurice launches a new subsidiary: Meltlake


Meltlake supports the efficient use of Microsoft solutions and is a part of the Futurice family of companies, previous members of which are Columbia Road, Aito, and Thriv.

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Timo Hyväoja


Digital innovation and engineering company Futurice has founded a new subsidiary called Meltlake, which will help organisations get the most out of their investments in Microsoft solutions. Meltlake will work with client organisations to empower their employees to think outside the box when it comes to utilising Microsoft technology in the smartest possible manner and making everyday work more efficient. A part of the company’s central mission is to help client organisations accelerate achieving their climate goals faster by utilising Microsoft’s carbon-efficient cloud technologies. Timo Hyväoja, who has been a partner at Futurice for 14 years, has been named Meltlake’s CEO.

“Like our parent company Futurice, Meltlake draws strength from the continuous personal development of our employees. At Futurice, we’ve worked on thousands of projects over the last twenty years, and now we can combine the accumulated knowledge with our strong Microsoft expertise. This kind of know-how is what we want to offer to our client organisations,” Meltlake CEO Timo Hyväoja states.

“We see clear opportunities where Microsoft solutions can drive growth. At its best, Microsoft technology can serve all levels of the organisation’s business functions efficiently, starting with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure for the core functions to collaborative tools like the Microsoft 365 product line and Power Platform that supports digitalisation throughout the organisation,” Hyväoja continues.

Meltlake will work internationally as a part of the Futurice Group and serve client organisations in ventures related to Microsoft technologies. Futurice will continue working as a partner to Microsoft, as it does with other technology vendors, and concentrate on developing cloud services, data analytics solutions, and bespoke software in its own business.

”Subsidiaries allow the Futurice Group to offer a wider variety of specialised services in the market. Meltlake is the newest addition and helps organisations and people work better. We see this as an internationally significant business opportunity,” says Futurice CEO Teemu Moisala.

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Meltlake Timo Hyväoja CEO, Meltlake +358 41 534 6328

Futurice Mikko Viikari Co-founder & Senior Consultant, Futurice +358 50 379 7152

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