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Strategic outcomes with product management

Product Management helps to create products that solve your customers’ problems and drive business results. It is a critical function in any organization that aims to discover and deliver successful products to market. Product management stems all the way from strategic direction through development and launch to the end of lifecycle.

Ensure competitive edge and clear vision

With product thinking, you can translate your company strategy into impactful and innovative products that deliver true outcomes. When integrated in every part of the organization, product management helps clear the gaps between development teams and business or product owners supporting strategic decision-making in product development.

Product Management helps to keep the eyes on the original strategic intentions, continuous learning and validation of the selected path, and gradually build the most valuable assets of the company: a competitive offering & the capability to ensure its viability.


  • Clear vision from leadership, to ensure fast and accurate outcomes of digital strategies
  • Competitive advantage from more inspiring product ideas, faster time to market based on improved understanding and response of current and upcoming client and market needs
  • Helping development team towards better product decisions, maintain right direction and pace in product development which ensures operational efficiency

How we can help you to become more product-centric

The first step is to determine how well your organization serves in creating great products and what it will take to become one.

Phase 1: Current state analysis

The first step in transitioning into a Product Company is current state analysis. Understanding where you are in your product journey and where you wish to be in the future are key in recognizing what are the main challenges and opportunities on your way there.

Phase 2: Product company transition roadmap and support

We make sure your organization can carry a product by ensuring you have the right capabilities, structure and way of working. You will be able to make strategic alignment in all levels as well as rapid and accurate product decisions.

Building product centric competences

As part of supporting your product organization we help you to build the right competence through training and coaching packages.

Agile product owner - training package

This training offers skills and tools to become an efficient Product Owner who is able to create true outcomes utilizing Agile frameworks with well tested Futurice flavors. The training suits new or already more experienced Product Owners who want to clarify the core of the role from agile perspective and also learn valuable techniques that agile frameworks don’t cover. It also suits well for Agile Coaches who want to deepen their product knowledge and be better able to support their organizations in product-centric development.

Impactful product management - training package

This training gives you a holistic perspective on building winning digital products and ensuring competitiveness through product management. For modern and bold product builders from Business Owners to Product Managers and Service Designers who commercialize digital solutions and for whom the agile frameworks don’t provide sufficient answers.

Product coaching

Product Coaches help client organizations by sharing the load of the most demanding role in product development – the Product Owner/Manager. Our Product Coaches are experienced product professionals whose job is to help client organizations Product Owners/Managers by sharing the load and helping the team to succeed in each crucial phase from product discovery to delivery and beyond.

Product vision and strategy

A great vision is a clear and compelling statement that outlines the purpose, goals, and values of a company offering. A great product strategy guides the development from the vision to the outcomes.

Defining the North Star manifesto

The North Star Strategy is a framework used by organizations to guide decision-making and goal-setting by aligning all efforts towards a singular, overarching outcome, much like how a ship's navigator would use the North Star as a guiding beacon. The outcome, North Star manifesto defines the high level mission of the company, and especially the benefit a company wants to provide to its customers in the form of its products..

Facilitating Product Vision Sprint

Initial product ideas are usually born from a recognition of a high level customer problem, business need or an emerging trend in the customer behavior or the market. But how to get forward from this early spark of an idea? A Product Vision Sprint helps to discover and refine the product vision and makes it tangible to enable validation and sharing.

Delivering a product as team

The single most important thing for discovering the right product and delivering it with high quality and efficiency, is building a product team that possesses all the crucial perspectives and skills. Creativity is unlocked by bringing different people together to solve mutual problems.

Futurice aims to foster long term partnerships and build tailored core product teams for our clients’ needs. We offer experienced, outcome driven teams, that take strong ownership of your business objectives and put their skin in the game for building the products your customers love.

Product team as a service

An experienced, multidisciplinary core product team is an absolute prerequisite for successful product development. A great product team have a deep understanding of the targeted customers, knowledge of the company’s business and industry and has a birds-eye view to the potential business enabling technologies. A product team also possess the means to use data creatively to produce insights from all these topics.

Typically a product team consists of a product coach, product designer, a tech lead and a data lead.

Product Owner/Manager as a service

To ensure the decent implementation of defined vision we can offer also highly skilled and certified Product Owners and Managers to fulfill the product team mission towards competitive and inspiring outcomes.

Agile Coach and Scrum Master as a service

Agile coaches and Scrum Masters help you to work smoothly and be organized towards the product outcomes. They will help you to recognize and solve the challenges on your way, whether you are going through a bigger product transformation or within the normal continuous improvement activities. Our Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters are experts in agile mindset and understand how product thinking in agile setups gives the extra push towards the outcomes.

Rethinking Product Management

What it takes to deliver winning digital services

Committing to modern product management practices is crucial to tackling the challenges related to driving the development, impact, quality, and profitability of digital products – all the way from strategic direction through development and launch to the end of lifecycle.

This guide describes and summarizes the most important areas for you to focus on as your company levels up its product management practices.

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