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Cloud and data platforms

To accelerate the growth, agility and efficiency of your organisation to deliver better software faster with the right kind of cloud infrastructure, all you need is the right ambition level for your cloud transformation. We’ll help you define and execute a cloud strategy that accelerates your business growth as you move from monolith to cloud-based services.

We are certified professionals

  • 140+ Microsoft Azure certifications
  • 130+ AWS certificates and accreditations
  • 10+ Google Cloud certifications

Our cloud partnership portfolio

We are partnering with cloud vendors. Find-out more about our cloud partnership and corresponding offering.

The image features 3 Microsoft Solutions Partner badges for Futurice, one each for Digital & App Innovation Azure (Specialist, Modernizaiton of Web Applications), Data & AI Azure, and Infrastructure Azure.
This image features 3 AWS Partner badges for Futurice under the categories: Advanced Tier Services, Public Sector and 100 Certified.

Why cloud transformation?

To migrate your business to the cloud and become a cloud-first business, your people, tech and processes must undergo a transformation. Building internal alignment behind a new way of working is the key – one that shifts technology to become a direct driver of business value and adapts new technology and processes to the needs of your organisation and its people.

From business case creation to adoption strategy, team development and roadmap planning, we’ll help your organisation evolve to leverage value from cloud and data investments as quickly as possible. The result is a suite of agile, cloud-ready processes, skills and priorities that builds the foundation for future innovation and automated continuous improvement.

Build a modern cloud infrastructure and governance model

The pace in today’s competitive environment is often faster than conventional infrastructure can support. Early adopters are setting the pace for disruption while the rest are struggling to keep up, let alone evolve. Businesses need to do more than just migrate to the cloud. They need an entirely new, cloud-native approach that’s primed for innovation and agility.

We’ll help you lay the foundation for innovation by re-architecting your environment to support your business objectives, from controlling costs to supporting growth, driving efficiency and beyond.

How can cloud help with data and analytics?

Many companies are sitting on huge volumes of data, but it’s mute - locked in gigantic, slow data warehouses, unable to answer questions and yield the valuable insights it contains. After finding market-moving insights, the challenge is putting them into action to grow your business, seize new opportunities, spot risks and create long-lasting competitive advantage.

We’ll help you create an environment that helps the people in your organisation find verifiable answers to questions vital for your success, using advanced analytics and machine learning. We do it by building fast, powerful and cloud-native data platforms optimized for efficient large-scale data analytics.

Benefits of public cloud migration and modern cloud infrastructure

Moving to the public cloud isn’t just about getting ahead. It’s about staying ahead by continuously improving every aspect of your operations. The ability to operate and maintain innovative applications determines your ability to solve hard problems, deliver great products, and out-think the competition. Agility isn’t a fixed concept – it changes depending on your needs.

We’ll help make sure your environment works in service of the metrics that drive success for your business. This will give you greater efficiency, scale, performance and resilience, as well as build entirely new capabilities that create lasting advantage, generate value and drive better outcomes for your customers and your employees.

Find out more about cloud-enabled data services

Actionable insights and AI are key to thriving in the digital era. Data is a powerful asset for creating superior customer experiences, perfectly optimized operations and new, disruptive business propositions. Read more about Futurice's data science services.

We’ll help you create and deliver data-driven capabilities and solutions with real impact, covering data engineering and information governance, data science, business analysis and much more.

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Our partnerships mean more than just broadening our service range. We work with leading tech companies, combining our skills to craft solutions that are as unique as your business needs.

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