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The Safe Route

Each year, roughly 2,000 cyclists are severely injured in traffic in Sweden. At the same time, people are encouraged to take up biking for various reasons ranging from public health to the environment. Is it really safe to commute by bike?

How to use the map/find the safe route

  • Click the arrow to the left to open the navigation
  • Type in your location in the “find a place” box
  • Add second location, press “Add place input” (the little plus on the left side under your first destination)
  • Now you see your Safe Route to your destination - travel safe
  • 01 For cyclists, democratizing data is a matter of life and death

    When Futurice recently moved offices in Stockholm, our employees had a widespread concern about finding safe bicycle routes. We decided to put our know-how to use to solve this issue – but getting access to high-quality data turned out to be a big obstacle along the way.

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  • 02 We know where – but we need data for when

    When bicycling to a new place for the first time you might have to find a new route and the most common way is to look up the fastest one. But something that often falls out of the equation is safety since there isn't that much information about it. We at Futurice, therefore, started working on creating the safest bicycle routes.

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  • Colorized photo of people on bicycles in Stockholm, Sweden

    03 If you had a choice, would you select speed over safety?

    Road safety is generally a topic that sits quite high up on the agenda of companies and authorities. There is, however, a blind spot that no one seems to be particularly interested in – the safety of cyclists.

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“The safe route” is a passion project that came out of us approaching a problem the way we tackle all our projects - with curiosity, an open mindset and an aim to create something concrete in a short time.

Contact us to:

  • Share your thoughts around the topic
  • Work with us to lift the safe route to the next level with additional data sets
  • Meet us for a coffee and learn more about our ways of working and the types of problems we can solve with you

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