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Greetings fellow traveller! Resilience, determination and curiosity have brought you here. We bet you have great experiences to share and stories to tell – we can't wait to hear them all. Each story weaves another thread into our unique cultural fabric. We’ve been expecting you.

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Our individual life choices make us who we are. Collectively, all these career paths form the renowned company culture at Futurice. We have more than 650 unique journeys intertwined together, making us what we are today. Read some of our inspiring stories here.

One Million FutuStories

Meet the faces and read some stories about behind the scenes at Futurice.


Futurice as a company has had quite a journey itself! Everything started in 2000, when Tuomas, Hanno, Mikko and Markku founded Futurice while still pursuing their academic degrees in Helsinki, Finland. The company focused on solutions and software development for early mobile platforms in the pre-smartphone era. It has since evolved into an international digital consultancy that combines strategy, design, engineering and data, and employs 650 professionals in seven offices across four countries.

But that’s just the business side of things - the founders also wanted to set up a company with a unique culture and empowering values: trust, transparency, care and continuous improvement. That’s the part that stuck the most! And it is our people and their stories and journeys that make our culture one of a kind.


  • Culture of Care

    The best thing about working at Futurice is the colleagues. You work with brilliant and talented professionals, all sharing the ambition to build a better digital future. And we take care of our own! Every futurician adds their own flavour to the mix. Each has a unique career journey that brings something special to the culture – starting from over 47 nationalities!

  • Trust and Transparency

    Our culture is built on Nordic roots of trust. Trust is given from day one, and everything is transparent and out in the open (but we do wear clothes to the office). Our software engineers work closely together with designers, analysts, business consultants and customers, all for the common goal. Check out some recent cases.

  • Continuous Improvement

    We want to grow the next generation of digital leaders, so this is the place to be for learning. You will be developing top-notch services in an environment that promotes constant self-improving and sharing ideas with colleagues. You will also receive a competitive compensation package, and plenty of opportunities to hone your skills or learn new ones


    • Maria Calonius
      Global Head of Human Care
      +358 50 568 6950maria.calonius@futurice.com
    • Katharina Stelzer
      HR Lead, Germany
    • Cecilia Lövström
      Head of Operations, Stockholm
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