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Operation Snowflake Part 2: Completed

The Operation Snowflake crew just returned after a week spent in Northern Finland.

The location for Operation Snowflake was in Levi and gave the snowflakers once again its best as they spent a week in our pop-up office. Almost 20 Futuriceans spent quality time with each other not just working, but also taking care of their mental and physical health by exercising outdoors and taking advantage of the many different sports on offer.

Last year, when the first Operation Snowflake took place, a new tradition was formed, in that we would create a winter pop-up Futurice office, so that people from all across our locations could come together to work and play. This year, a new tradition began in the form of karaoke! And these people were on FIRE! Last year we celebrated the end of the week together with a reindeer feast, this year we looked to the Alps Aprés ski tradition for inspiration and enjoyed a night of fondue.

To summarise our awesome adventure we did a quick survey to pull together the most important data. The highlights from the trip can be seen in this nice infographic, so you can quickly see the information you need to know about Operation Snowflake 2017.

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Operation Snowflake 2018 will happen – do you want to be part of this winter adventure? Join us.

2017-05-16-11-34-53--cporjem5d6_s600x0_q80_noupscale.jpg Ippe and Santtu at Moloslaki

More pictures of our operation in our Facebook photo album


  • Portrait of Tuomo Hakaoja
    Tuomo Hakaoja
    Director of Culture, Finland