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Operation Snowflake Returns

Last April, 25 Futuriceans headed to Levi in Finnish Lapland for a week of skiing, snowboarding, working and paljuing (for non-Finns that’s bathing in a wooden hot tub). And this year it’s back, we’ll take over three cottages and bring together people from Tampere, Helsinki and London for a week of more of the same.

As well as skiing and working last year, the team went cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fatbiking and running. And in addition to all of these activities they managed to attend 41 meetings, write 6100 lines of code, spend 343 hours downhill skiing and 108 hours in the sauna.

The trip provides the opportunity for people across all of our locations to come together, get to know each other a little better and enjoy a different working environment.

Some snowflakers are taking the opportunity to use this trip as their FutuHike, this is an initiative we have that every Futuricean can visit one of our cities every year and spend the week exploring the place and meeting the local team. Operation Snowflake is a pop-up location, available just one week every year.

Today the Operation Snowflake team will head by plane, train and automobile to assemble in Levi. If you want to follow this operation checkout #OperationSnowflake or visit our Instagram account for regular story posts.



  • Portrait of Tuomo Hakaoja
    Tuomo Hakaoja
    Director of Culture, Finland