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Operation Snowflake is here (again!)

It is once again the time of the year when some of the people at Futurice pack their bags and head to northern Finland to open up our officially approved remote site in Levi, Kittilä. The event has been popular and this time we even have a couple of our Futualumni with us. It's great to see how Operation Snowflake brings people together.

That must be a huge effort for the organizer?

From the organizer's point of view, all the Operation Snowflakes have been fairly easy to organize, since all these lovely people have really good self-organizing skills. My role is mainly to send a couple of questionnaires about the suitable week, to book the cabins (and palju!) and the rest happens more or less naturally. Operation Snowflake has also worked as a role model for other events, too. Inspired by Operation Snowflake, a group of people went to Bali this January to take a vacation and learn how to surf. It was called Operation Wave, of course. We want to make this event better every year, so this year our dear ArthurH suggested Futurice ski vests/sleeves to wear at the slopes to get nice pics as well as make it easier to find your colleagues at the slopes. Furthermore many people has come to us to ask more about the operation so good visibility on that front too.

2018-04-18-15-33-18-5ea8d20b-54d3-4c23-a03d-387526594c2b s830x0 q80 noupscale Ready to hit the morning slopes

2018-04-18-15-53-37-997cc6d9-bb03-448d-92a7-1a085bf66c5a s830x0 q80 noupscale

Why such madness?

Why not! This is a great way to bring people with the same interests together, spend awesome time together, heal the world while sitting in the palju (big hot tub on wheels outside the cabins), get to know your colleagues better, create life-long friendships etc. At the same time we make sure all project work is done promptly and effectively. This kind of event creates a lot of positive energy, which lasts for a long time. A totally different working environment also freshens up your own thinking and ways of working. Furthermore, the whole thing is about team building. The thing that should happen everyday, but in a longer run come up with out of the box ideas to make it crazy enough or how we like to call it overdoing it, if possible :)

I didn't want to miss this year's Snowflake

This year I had a bit of a battle with myself. Newborn baby at home and, on the other hand, possibility to go to Snowflake. I didn't want to leave my family at home so I decided to do some more planning, so that my family can come here too. In the end we are here with my wife, son and mother-in-law (OMG!) in a separate cabin, but close to the others. This is also a good example of how things can always be arranged, if you really want to.

Stay tuned for all the great photos from the Snowflake. Follow Futurice Instagram with the hashtags #operationsnowflake #realftrc #workingatfuturice for example.

2018-04-18-15-54-10-f0d75615-e822-4eaa-8d46-0b3ecd002b28 s830x0 q80 noupscale

2018-04-18-15-39-31-00a77112-f6bd-4095-b947-026e7a55993a s830x0 q80 noupscale

2018-04-18-16-01-06-64c8211a-cc1c-426b-bbb3-822de0e4e91b s830x0 q80 noupscale Slopes are in really good condition and there's plenty of room at the slopes/lifts this time of year. And the weather is, ah, so beautiful!


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