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FutuStories - Six things Megan loves about her job


Megan has lived and worked in several countries around the world, but it was her curiosity about life in the Nordics that led her to a senior software engineer position at Futurice Stockholm. After a year in the job, here are some of the things she’s enjoying most.

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Pekka Lehtinen

Head of Content

#1 The chance to try new things

Before working at Futurice I worked in health research, but while I enjoyed it I wanted the opportunity to explore different types of technology and find out where my passion lies. At Futurice I’ve been able to try both frontend and backend development, learn new things in every project and self-drive my career path. It’s taught me that I’m most interested in backend development work such as data engineering and analytics.

I’ve really enjoyed exploring different kinds of data and interesting applications, like sustainability and how companies measure recyclability or compostability in their industries. Getting to learn about interesting datasets that you wouldn’t normally interact with is very exciting to me.

My favourite part of working in health research was working with researchers and understanding how they approach problems, so the collaborative process at Futurice and the chance to work with experts in many different industries has been really engaging for me.


#2 Working with a wide range of clients

My favourite part of working in health research was working with researchers and understanding how they approach problems, so the collaborative process at Futurice and the chance to work with experts in many different industries has been really engaging for me. You can work on things you care about and Futurice has some particularly interesting clients compared to other consulting companies – exploring a new industry and helping an organisation with a problem that you personally care about is super nice. There is a stereotype that developers are solitary creatures, but I like this job most when I’m showing people new things or learning new skills from others.

#3 Being supported to explore and learn

Before my first project at Futurice I’d never done frontend development before, then I was found a project where I was the only frontend developer. Of course, there was still mentorship and everyone here is very approachable so I had people to ask if I had a question, but basically I got to take charge and explore what I wanted to learn. Similarly, with another project I’m working on, I’d never worked with Azure cloud tools and I’m now head of that aspect of the project. This level of trust and the free rein to explore these technologies is very cool – daunting sometimes, but cool!

#4 The perfect work-life balance

Before I moved to Sweden I was working in Seattle. I really enjoyed the city and my job there, but I was curious about life in the Nordics and the chance to have a better work-life balance. Our office culture is great for that – we stop at 5pm on Fridays and catch up together for an hour or two. People who have been in the company for a while are very good at encouraging newer employees to set boundaries effectively and not feel like you always need to answer every Slack message straight away if it’s after hours.

We also have walking meetings where we’re encouraged to take a walk while talking and then we see how far we’ve walked collectively on a map. Things like getting outside, especially in winter, and maintaining work times so you don’t stay at the office too long all build a healthy balance into the day. I’ve been here a year now (I survived my first winter!) and I feel like I have the best of both worlds: the excitement and rigour of consulting, combined with a good work-life balance and a consistent nine to five.

#5 The caring culture

On Fridays at 13:30 we have Friday Smilies, where everyone shares a GIF expressing how they feel about their week. It’s like a debrief but most importantly it’s a chance to open up, share your feelings and check in with everyone. All the people who work here are self-starters, so there are lots of fun initiatives like knitting club, painting nights, a tech hour where we can share what we’ve developed, hackathons and things like that – there’s a really strong sense of community.

#6 The world is here!

We have a great office of around 30–35 people, which is the perfect size – everyone knows each other even though we’re all doing different things. We’re from all over the world and you can hear so many languages being spoken on a daily basis; everyone is engaging and excited to show what they’re working on or learning about, and we’re all interested in everyone else’s backgrounds. On most of the teams I’ve been on everyone is from a different country, and there are different age demographics and life experiences too. It’s a supportive and inclusive office, which is super nice to be a part of!

Interested in reading more stories about us and our people? At Futurice, we celebrate diversity and cherish everyone's unique journey. Check out our Welcome Home page and get inspired by more journeys shaping our culture. If you would like to read more stories and get to know our people, our sites and the community better, check out the global version of our FutuStories Booklet.

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