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FutuStories – Six things Ayça has learned during her service design career


Ayça is a service design lead based at Futurice’s Stockholm office. She enjoys being exposed to different industries where she can create new solutions and access opportunities to learn things that she wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

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Maria Sabbah

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#1 The best way to learn

I love learning all kinds of new skills – languages, musical instruments and improv theatre are just a few examples. Learning from experts through classes or workshops is a great way to do this, and I’m always open to finding new ways to learn as well. For me, the most important thing is to get my hands dirty and try something for myself so that the new skill really sticks.

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For me, the most important thing is to get my hands dirty and try something for myself so that the new skill really sticks.

#2 Service design skills can help in everyday life

The holistic nature of service design allows me to see the bigger picture and avoid having tunnel vision. As I’m working with humans and trying to understand them, this helps me to have empathy for the people in my personal life and to appreciate why they do the things they do. As a result of this, I feel like I have a better understanding of certain events and situations.

#3 How to keep clients happy

For me it’s super important to listen carefully and to have open, honest and clear communication right from the beginning. We’re building something together as a team, so regularly checking in can help keep us on track. Some things I’ve adapted from improv theatre into my work are to always make your partner shine and to take a “yes, and” attitude. These tools can be great ice breakers and create a positive feeling in project teams.

#4 Both work and study can help with learning

Personally, I wouldn’t pick one over the other – in fact, they both complement each other. For example, you can get to know the foundation of your subject at university, but at work you add to that with more regular exposure to soft skills like crisis management, team building and self-sufficiency. I’ve also studied and taught at a school called Hyper Island, which blends formal learning with real-life briefs and clients, so you get the benefits of both worlds.

#5 I love working with others

I enjoy having some me time at work as well, but there’s something special about getting creative as a team, having discussions and building on each other’s ideas. To do an amazing job we need psychologically safe spaces – we need to feel able to be vulnerable and we need to have that trust so that we can laugh together, learn together and succeed together.

#6 LSC is extremely valuable

Lean Service Creation is Futurice’s own concept, and as an LSC ambassador I’ve been teaching it to clients and working with the tools in my own projects. LSC is a structured way of creating digital services, with its core principles grounded in lean start up, agile methods and design thinking. LSC canvases are open source, so anyone can use them, and I love how you can pick and choose the ones you want to use. They really come in useful throughout a project – and our clients love them too!

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