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FutuStories - One day with Kilian, Senior Designer

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What do a power drill, a sewing machine and a sanding machine have in common? They’ve all been put to good use by Kilian after finding them in the Futurice office.

Portrait of Sanni Tiivola-Jurvainen
Sanni Tiivola-Jurvainen

Brand Manager

What gets you up in the morning?

Porridge and tea! In fact, breakfast in general really. I have my morning routine and I get out and go for a walk, or in more normal times I’ll walk or bike to the office. I’m quite a morning person so it’s the best part of the day for me.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The community. I’m surrounded by lots of people with deep knowledge of fields I don’t know much about. It’s always good to be able to reach out if you have any questions, and even with niche fields you’ll find someone who can help. I also like that it’s an international workplace, with work that offers diverse challenges and learning opportunities and the chance for discussion with a wide range of people.

I usually have a creative project on the go; at the moment it’s a stop-motion project with my partner and we’re both learning more about 3D modelling and animation.

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What’s the most underrated object at the office?

Our power drill! Lots of people don’t know it’s there, but it’s really helpful if you’re moving and you need to borrow it. We have a lot of cool small gadgets that people forget about. There’s a workshop and maker space with materials, a 3D printer, a soldering iron and all sorts of other random stuff that’s been bought for projects and then left at the office. There’s a sewing machine which I’ve found useful, and a sanding machine – I renovated a rocking chair with it!

What should be said out loud more often?

I think maybe the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge sharing. It’s important to find synergies between different disciplines and ways to connect and work together, not just keep discussions within our own profession.

What’s your favourite lunch routine?

When I wasn’t working remotely, I used to bring my own sandwich in a lunchbox. It’s a habit that stuck from my student days after I realised how expensive lunch is for regular adults who don’t have a student card!

How do you relax?

I enjoy drawing, walking, visiting museums and reading – I read authors from all over the world as it lets you travel into different places and perspectives. I also like playing instruments and I used to play the oboe in an orchestra. I usually have a creative project on the go; at the moment it’s a stop-motion project with my partner and we’re both learning more about 3D modelling and animation.

How do you make sure you’re designing for everyone?

In my studies I focused on accessibility, designing for people with disabilities and minority user groups. Now I always aim to have an international project team to reflect diversity in the project setup. Even if this isn’t possible, I always lobby for testing with a diverse audience – accessible design and development is essential to ensure that everyone can partake in digital services and solutions.

What are people often doing wrong in this field in your opinion?

Spending too much time on Pinterest! I’ve seen a lot of people just copying cool things from there rather than coming up with their own ideas. I like to focus on getting exposed to things that are different from my own field and background – the results are more interesting if you get inspiration from lots of different places and don’t just stick to your own bubble.

What’s your biggest dream?

Workwise I’d love to find a way to combine entrepreneurial and academic work. I already lecture in visual communication at Berlin University of the Arts on Mondays and then work at Futurice from Tuesday to Friday, so some kind of hybrid role would be great. Outside of work, my partner and I really want chickens!

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