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Elizabeth is an adventurous software developer who recently swapped the hustle and bustle of Lagos for the relative calm of Munich, despite never having been to Europe before. As well as moving countries she’s keen to keep her brain moving too, so she’s always learning new skills and keeping up to date with the latest in her field.

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Christina Klein

Marketing & Communications Manager

You recently moved house. Why did you decide to move?

This might sound weird, but I moved here because I’ve never been here before! For some people that might be a reason not to go, but I saw it as an opportunity to explore beyond the boundaries I’ve always had at home and open myself up to more of the world. That said, it wasn’t a matter of me looking for a job in Europe – I wanted a job at Futurice and I chose to join the Munich office out of all the options available.

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Why Futurice?

It started with a vacancy that someone shared with me. It was different from what I usually see, so the company caught my attention. I took some time and did my research, reading all the content I could find. One Million FutuStories, for instance, was a great way to learn more about the company and what it's like to work here. The more I read, the more I knew I really wanted to be part of that community, so I took my chance and sent out an application.

How come you chose the Munich office?

There are lots of things I really like about this city! If I had to pick my favourite, I think it would be the serene environment. That’s something I didn’t have where I’m from as there was always the noise of a bustling city. Here, there’s a calm sense of order and that’s something I really like. I was surprised when I moved here because I’ve never been somewhere where only essential stores and dining areas are open on Sundays – I had to learn to plan ahead! It’s the funny little things in everyday life that can really take you by surprise, but it’s been an exciting journey for me.

Making such a big move can be quite a challenge. What is your pro tip to deal with change?

Generally speaking, I’m someone who doesn’t do very well with change. I prefer routines and the safety of knowing how things will go every time. Whenever I’m in situations that are outside my comfort zone I usually try to observe my environment and then re-strategise – I might do a 24-hour timetable for myself to get settled and then I’ll eventually fall into a new routine. This sort of structured approach is not only helpful in new situations but also really effective in my everyday work life.

I never want to be left behind, I always want to learn and keep up to date with the current trends in my field. That’s something that pushes me every day to always be a better version of myself.

Speaking of work life: What do you love about your job at Futurice?

I love the people – and that really can’t be overstated! Even when things got overwhelming with the move and I had trouble fitting into a new system, people were always there to reassure me that it would be fine. My colleagues are awesome and they make being at work really nice. My supervisor is also really cool and they’ve emphasised that Futurice really does care about its people and our personal balance. It’s really easy to work in this kind of environment, which makes me more productive as the pressure has been taken off.

What inspires you at work?

I would say it’s the drive to be better than I was. I never want to be left behind, I always want to learn and keep up to date with the current trends in my field. That’s something that pushes me every day to always be a better version of myself.

Software development is still dominated by men. What’s been your experience as a woman in tech?

It’s been a journey right from my undergraduate days. People tend to automatically write you off, sometimes you don’t even get a chance to prove your skills and experience or get your work validated because people think women don’t know what they’re doing. Recently there has been more focus on encouraging women in tech and things have been improving. In the past I’ve had to stand up to people questioning my skills and competence just because I’m female, but this has reduced dramatically in recent times. The job vacancy for my current role was labelled “Women who code”, which showed me that Futurice is actively including women in the tech space and that’s a really good thing.

What would you recommend to people who want to work as a Software Developer?

I recommend putting in the extra work and going the extra mile. It’s sometimes difficult to keep working when you want to relax, but it always pays in the end to keep going. Don’t be discouraged or content with mediocre, always push yourself to be better because learning never stops. If you’re always open to developing yourself, you’ll always be open to bigger and better opportunities – and if you work hard enough, they will come!

Interested in reading more stories about us and our people? At Futurice, we celebrate diversity and cherish everyone's unique journey. Check out our Welcome Home page and get inspired by more journeys shaping our culture. If you would like to read more stories and get to know our people, our sites and the community better, check out the global version of our FutuStories Booklet.

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