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FutuStories - Five things Juhis has learned about tech communities


Juha-Matti (or Juhis, as most people call him) organises events, gives talks and publishes newsletters to help developers learn new stuff and have fun while getting to know each other. He fell into this role by accident, both at Futurice and within his local community, but it turned out to be just perfect for him and he’s learned a lot along the way.

Portrait of Sanni Tiivola-Jurvainen
Sanni Tiivola-Jurvainen

Brand Manager

#1 Staying up to date is important

My roles at work and within the local developer community require me to have my finger on the pulse. It’s important that I understand what people are into and what’s trending, and that I’m able to answer questions about these things when asked. I also need to make sure that we keep on organising activities that are relevant for our community. At Futurice, I work closely with recruitment and marketing to figure out how we can optimise our developer recruitment. This involves some proactive planning and execution, as well as reactively keeping track of what’s happening in the industry.

One great thing about communities is that they change all the time – there are never two communities, or even two years, that are the same as each other – 2020 was an especially interesting year for example!


#2 Passion is the key to engagement

In my time organising communities, I’ve learned so much about all kinds of topics from the people around me. We all have something that we’re curious or passionate about, but that doesn’t always come out in the day-to-day – for instance, I love talking about sports with other people in the developer community who share my passion for them. I’ve learned that once you get people talking about the thing that really inspires them, that’s when you see them at their best.

#3 Every community is different

One great thing about communities is that they change all the time – there are never two communities, or even two years, that are the same as each other – 2020 was an especially interesting year for example! Because every community is unique, finding the right way to support them is the most challenging part. You can’t take a blueprint and simply copy it – if you want a community to succeed you need to experiment, try things out and see what resonates with the people in that community.

#4 Everyone is human

When we’re busy managing projects, thinking about deadlines or focusing on professional things at work, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the people on the other side are just regular human beings like you and me, with feelings and needs and aspirations. Keeping this in mind is super empowering, and it’s the key to making any community really lively and successful. This is one thing that makes the Futurice community so amazing – we have some incredible people with diverse backgrounds and interests, and it’s fantastic that we’re encouraged to be ourselves and not just our job titles.

#5 Momentum is everything

While making my own website I’ve found that it’s really important to keep the momentum going. I write a blog about tech, community and my life experiences that I publish every Wednesday. Even though this is an ambitious schedule to stick to, the momentum helps me make more things happen. On the flipside, the longer you go without doing something, the harder it is to progress. I’ve noticed the same at work too – keeping things flowing makes it easier to come up with ideas and create new things, whether that’s blog posts, events or ways to interact with the community.

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