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Futurice Tampere a.k.a and mostly referred to as Tammerforce is a group of people located in the northernmost location of Futurice offices.

Why Tammerforce

We have a strong sense of togetherness and distinctive work culture inside Futurice. We are warm-hearted people, a family of friends with an attitude of getting things done accompanied with state of the art deliverables. Tammerforce has remarkable skills to combine professional work with a sparkle in the eye to create a relaxed and laid back atmosphere for delivering diamonds together with our top notch clients.

Career Stories

Work with us in Tammerforce

Our people promise is and will be the force that guides and helps us become the company we wish to be for all of our people.

About Tammerforce
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    We are all about people

    Exceptional cohesion and team spirit characterize our Tampere office. Our people say that this is their second home where caring and people first attitude are always present. We're managed by our values: trust, transparency, continuous improvement and caring. Our motto for fun and extra-curricular activities is "if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing".

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    We are co-creating the future

    Working in close cooperation with clients, we’re able to give recommendations on ways of working, methods, technologies and architectural choices. We take genuine ownership and responsibility of projects and have access to the best technologies, services and professionals. We proudly utilize our own design framework, Lean Service Creation, as the foundation for our service innovations.

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    We are committed to helping you become a better version of you

    At Futurice you can use part of your working time to proactively learn new stuff. While most learning happens in projects, we actively support your professional development outside of them as well. You'll get compensated for your hobby open source work and teaching others.

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    We are international, with Nordic roots

    Futurice has a strong homebase in Finland, but we're constantly expanding. In addition to Tampere and Helsinki we have offices in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Oslo and Stockholm and our employees represent over 40 nationalities. We are serving our global clients also from Tampere with remote teams. It means you don't need to leave Tampere to work with big global clients around the world. If, on the other hand, you want to work abroad too we offer opportunities ranging from one-week trips to expat arrangements spanning multiple years.

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    We are cultivating a diverse and proud community

    We are committed to building an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and grow. We believe diversity comes through inclusion. Caring and trustful attitude are at the core of Tampere office and we make sure you feel welcome from the first day onwards.

  • What happens before you join our community

    We make our recruitment discussions as comfortable as possible. Instead of us asking all the questions, the idea is to keep the discussion more on a free form, where we talk about the company and you, and all the things between. During the recruitment journey you'll typically meet at least six possible future colleagues.

    First meet

    In our first meet you'll meet two Tammerforceans for a general chat: we'll tell you about us and you tell us about you, both'll ask questions, the usual getting to know each other. You don't have to prepare for this step so just come as you are. Typically this interview takes about 1.5 hours.

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    Contact Information


    Kelloportinkatu 1 D
    33100 Tampere

    invoices.finland@futurice.com E-invoicing address: 003716235074 Mediator: Maventa Mediator code: 003721291126

    Paper Futurice Oy Sarjanro 16235074 PL 100 80020 Kollektor Scan

    Business Enquiries
    • Osmo Haapaniemi

      VP & Site Head, Tampere

      +358 40 754 2730


    • Riku Valtasola

      Managing Director, Finland

      +358 40 531 8943


    • Tero Salonen

      VP, Head of Business Development

      +358 40 761 1349


    Business Unit Contacts
    • Janne Roihu

      Business Director & Sales, Tampere

      +358 50 567 9544


    • Joonas Korpela

      Business Director

      +358 44 063 7716


    • Antti Kotanen

      Business Development Lead

      +358 505 816 319


    • Sanni Tiivola-Jurvainen

      Marketing Manager, Finland

      +358 50 337 5874


    • Ville Keski-Nikkola

      Talent Acquisition, Code Witcher, Tampere

      +358 40 036 8026


    • Maria Calonius

      HR & Recruitment Lead, Finland

      +358 50 5686950


    Student Collaboration
    • Elias Ylänen

      Web Developer


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