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Mike Arvela


Hi! I'm Mike from Tampere. I have a strong background in web craftsmanship, but today you might call me an organizational gardener. I believe happy people do great things. I love to spread a good buzz and get people inspired. Building a work environment with focus on simplicity, trust, and continuous improvement enables people to become better at what they love.

I was the first web-focused guy to join tribe Tammerforce back in 2009. The years have been hugely rewarding in terms of meeting wonderful people, getting to work on cool projects with nice customers, and continuously learning new things. I also helped boot up our Berlin office in 2010-2011. Don't ask me to recite German poetry, though.

I love good UX and elegant software architecture. Details matter. Come say hi when you're around and I'll buy you a coffee. Or tea. Or beer.

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