Ilkka Poutanen Ilkka Poutanen

Ilkka Poutanen

Senior Specialist

Know what's even more fun than building stuff? Building stuff that builds stuff! And then you take that metastuff, and you automate the stuffing out of it, and you end up with a well-oiled machine that can spit out an entire stuff-based global economy at the touch of a button. That's what I like, tooling done right, and that's also one of the goals in nearly any project: when you're working on complex digital services, you need state of the art tools, or your ability to deliver consistent quality is decreased.

I got here by a meandering road that has had me developing for a major oil field's worth of platforms both mobile and embedded. Lately I've been working mostly with the web, but I do also get my native grind on from time to time. I enjoy dynamically typed languages, long walks on the beach, process isolation, and the sounds musical instruments make.