Christian Ehrling

Operations Director

I love people. I love autonomy and trust. But at the same time I am passionate about structures and processes as necessary. It has to be well balanced.

Futurice is entering the next level of transparency and an adapted organisational foundation. We will be able to make better decisions faster and work smoother together. It all increases our alignment across the countries, avoids creation of silos and keeps our motivation and energy level high. At the same time this is taking our great culture forward. I call it operational excellence.

I am responsible for the development, design, operation, and improvement of the systems that help Futurice people in their way to approach and deliver cases. It’s me and others to cascade the organization's strategy/mission statement into executable operational tasks and responsibilities and to drive performance measures for the operation.

Our customers will feel it and recognise our improved way to serve them a lot better.

It’s also my commitment and contribution to let us stay successfully.