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Webinar: Putting the product first - practices in product-led companies

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, many companies find themselves mired in a situation where they’re heavily investing resources in outdated product practices that don’t yield significant growth. While their strategies may appear forward-looking on the surface, they often appear detached from practical implementation. Product-led companies prioritize delivering tangible business value by staying keenly attuned to genuine customer requirements.

Putting the product first - webinar on 7.11.2023, 9am (GMT+2) hosted by Janetta Ekholm and Noora Ahmed-Moshe.

Watch our latest Modern Product Management webinar, where Janetta Ekholm breaks down the imperative need for change and Noora Ahmed-Moshe, Senior Product Manager at Hoxhunt, shares insights on adapting a product-led mindset in your organization.


  1. Exploring the challenges many companies are having on their product practices
  2. Noora shares her approach on how to get to great outcomes with product-led strategy
  3. Futurice’s recommendations for essential product practices

Watch on-demand

This webinar is hosted on our partner site, BigMarker. You can watch it on-demand by ordering it using the link below.

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