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Generative AI - From use cases to enterprise-wide scaling to a new organizational paradigm

Dive into the exciting world of generative AI with our dynamic, evolving resource - an educational working paper created to keep pace with the rapid advancements in this revolutionary field. The downloadable document is more than just static information; it's an exploration, a conversation, an opportunity for growth and learning. And filled with our experiences with Generative AI use cases.

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GenAI working paper

This working paper is like the AI it discusses: constantly learning, adapting, and improving. It's a work in progress, mirroring the ever-evolving landscape of generative AI. Yes, there will be gaps, but each one represents an opportunity for discovery and discussion. As we continue to update and refine this resource, we invite you to join us on this journey.

When you download the working paper we will commit to sending you the later iterations of it as well.

The table of contents of the living working paper are as per October 2023

  1. Experience from Generative AI use cases

    • A brief look at some internal Futurice Generative AI use cases
    • Technical approaches and learnings of Generative AI
    • Current frictions in Generative AI
    • Unraveling the long-term value capture in GenAI
  2. Enterprise-wide scaling of Generative AI

    • Maturity phases & portfolio management of Generative AI
    • Gen AI Enablers and foundations by function/domain
    • Achieving impact with Generative AI
  3. Rethinking organizational capabilities

    • Refactoring end-to-end processes with GenAI
    • Sales & marketing and Generative AI
    • Organizational alignment, coordination, and collaboration
    • A new division of labor between business and IT/R&D
    • Software development and Generative AI
    • Renewed organizational capabilities
    • How to screw it all up with Generative AI
  4. Long-term organizational implications of Generative AI

    • How to structure the long-term strategic implications
    • Source of competitive advantage and barriers to entry
    • Leading information and knowledge portfolios
    • (Super) Talent in the future
    • Cost of technology goes down
    • Somebody stealing organizational knowledge
    • Systemic change in the operating model opens options for strategic repositioning
    • How do we build organizations in the future?
    • Competitive advantage option: the ability to change processes with tech, data & AI
    • Sustainability and Generative AI

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