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Generative AI - From use cases to enterprise-wide scaling and transformational change

Generative AI has been central to our work since ChatGPT launched in November 2022. By June 2024, we've undertaken 48 Gen AI-focused projects with clients, including 7 production implementations, 6 AI strategy projects, and 4 AI transformation programs. In addition, we have completed over 100 data and AI transformation projects before the mainstream adoption of Gen AI, alongside our own AI transformation at Futurice. This working paper compiles all our learnings along the way.

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GenAI working paper

This is a living document designed to explore and educate on generative AI and its business value. It is inherently incomplete—a work-in-progress. There will be omissions, some of which we are addressing, and others we may not. We will update it periodically to reflect the ongoing advancements in the field.

When you download the working paper, we commit to sending you future iterations.

As of June 2024, this is what it contains:

  1. Gen AI use cases: what we’ve built and learned

    • How we’re reinventing our own work with AI
    • Gen AI use cases we’ve worked on with clients
    • So, where should you start? Or focus next?
    • Making use cases a reality
    • Technical approaches for custom AI solutions
    • Design approaches for custom AI solutions
    • From proof-of-concept to production
    • 7 success patterns for gen AI use cases
  2. Scaling Gen AI Enterprise-Wide

    • Sidebar: age-old lessons to remember before we start
    • Awareness & maturity
    • AI Strategy & Operating Model
    • Capabilities & Culture
  3. Transformational Change

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