The Connected Health Kit by Futurice

Break down silos and simplify complex processes in healthcare

A toolkit designed to help co-create digital solutions for real-life healthcare workflows and medical environments.

The future of health is digital and connected, and it relies on data-enabled services and interfaces that bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.But this future will not happen on its own. There are several challenges to solve first, from eliminating information gaps and missing data connections to minimizing supply chain delays.

The Connected Health Kit by Futurice is a set of tools designed to help you tackle these questions, and much more. It empowers you to create digital solutions that simplify complex healthcare processes and make the patient journey easier for everyone involved.

What is the Connected Health Kit?

The Connected Health Kit is a free-to-use collaborative tool designed for the healthcare industry. It serves two specific purposes: to analyze complex workflows, and facilitate the creation of new, data-enabled solutions for a wide variety of medical environments, processes and use cases.

The kit’s purpose is to help identify areas with room for improvement, and create connected digital service concepts that utilize data and digital interfaces to simplify workflows and build better customer journeys. It’s effective, engaging and easy – but also fun for teams to use!

The kit enables users to:

Analyze the dynamics and relationships of complex healthcare ecosystems, and identify collaboration gaps as well as new business opportunities

Assess existing workflows in medical environments, and identify their problems and opportunity areas

Co-create new service concepts to address existing problems in various contexts, such as hospitals, remote care or labs

Envision and ideate future workflows based on emerging trends and technologies


  • Reach mutual understanding

    Lack of alignment and miscommunication between differing perspectives and disciplines have the potential to disrupt workflows in the healthcare ecosystem. The engaging, hands-on nature of the Connected Health Kit brings down walls between people with different backgrounds and viewpoints. It facilitates the visualization and analysis of current processes, sparks spontaneous communication, and helps establish a shared understanding of issues.

  • Stay tangible

    The healthcare domain is complex and relies on a multitude of different stakeholders and workflows. Even so, patients trust this valuable combination as they place their health in someone else’s hands. Simply rearranging the different parties and elements on the Connected Health Kit map enables teams to detect gaps in the healthcare journey and make complex concepts tangible with visual and physical aids.

  • Make the complex simple

    You don’t need to be fully immersed in the world of health tech or digital health in order to use the Connected Health Kit. The purpose of the kit is to enable anyone in the healthcare sector to use it and make a difference in their individual setup and use case.


    The kit comes in two varieties to support as many teams and working setups as possible: an all-digital one designed with remote and distributed teams in mind, as well as a physical one that makes use of tangible elements, aimed for teams based in the same location. Both versions give you the same tools and materials to help you structure your thinking when developing user-centric digital solutions – from describing a user journey to brainstorming concrete digital concepts.

    The Connected Health Kit is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)


    The digital version of the Connected Health Kit consists of digital assets that can be readily deployed in collaboration tools, such as Miro, to allow users to freely implement it for their organization. The digital assets used to demonstrate and model real-world environments and service flows are easy and intuitive to move around on the virtual Miro board. For organizations and users with no previous experience in using digital collaboration tools, we are happy to provide a free tailored introduction to the use of the kit.


    The physical version (currently in development) will be based on downloadable files that contain the assets required to print the environments, cards and 3D elements that make up the kit. For optimal results in long-term use, we recommend having the environment cards printed professionally on heavy cardstock by a local printer, and the 3D pieces created by a 3D printing service.

    Both versions of the Connected Health Kit consist of three major components: maps, tokens and cards.

  • Maps

    Maps serve to provide a general environmental context for your use case. You can also create your own for a more accurate representation of your premises to better fit your specific needs.

  • Tokens

    Tokens are representations of patients, medical staff, devices and assets that move around the environment. The physical version of the kit comes with files you can use to 3D print the pieces.

  • Cards

    The kit comes with eight categories of cards that help you determine which devices, sensors and features are relevant in different phases of the service and patient journey.


    Interested in trying out the Connected Health Kit and optimizing your organization’s workflows, communication and innovation processes? Please sign up to acquire the kit and arrange a test session and introduction to the kit, free of charge!

    To get started, please fill in your name, field of business and email address in the form below. We will get in touch with you and your team to the use of the Connected Health Kit, and provide you with links to download the assets of the digital (and in the near future, physical) versions of the kit.

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