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An engaging story and tone-of-voice with compelling visuals

Standing out in today’s market, where new data-driven technologies are constantly disrupting business, is difficult. Ultimately, success is all about understanding customer value. That’s why Futurice was chosen to help UPSY Shopping Helper™ create a brand identity and core message that capture the human touch in e-commerce.

The challenge

To conquer the market and its users’ hearts, UPSY Shopping Helper™ needed a strong brand identity that would not only stand out from the crowd visually, but also position it as an innovator in its field. We co-created a brand that spells out UPSY’s data-driven product value in crystal clear terms.

What we did

The branding began by understanding the UPSY Shopping Helper™ users and the problem it solves. Our first workshop concentrated on the key points of the service, after which we started work on the brand storytelling: helping form the core message, making sales points and, most importantly, expressing business value and brand personality. We also helped define the tone-of-voice and write marketing content. Next, we moved to the visuals: logo, graphic style, colors, typography, images, landing page layout, advertisements and apparel. A brand concept book will help keep UPSY Shopping Helper’s™ brand and communications in line into the future.

I loved working with Futurice´s AD/copy team. Both Alina and Teriina are NO BS, hands-on, super effective and great fun to work with. Teamwork! We pushed for a great result and it did not take long. This will definitely boost UPSY´s growth.
Juha Sulkakoski
CEO, Founder


  • Branding is more than visuals: customer value made crystal clear.

  • Agile and effective branding process: fast results with a fresh start-up spirit.

  • A good starting point for a new company: the guidelines for conquering the market.

Why it matters

A strong identity with an impactful and engaging marketing message is important, especially for a new company. Thanks to our knowledge and experience with both branding and helping modern data-driven businesses, UPSY Shopping Helper™ now has a visually stunning look and personality, combined with a tone-of-voice and a core message that helps lift both marketing and sales efforts to the next level.

About Upsy

Upsy is a unique start-up with a mission to help online shoppers in a way human salespersons would in a traditional store. With UPSY Shopping Helper™, online merchants can help their customers find the right products, offer interesting options, suggest additional products and answer all common product and services related questions in a fully automated way.

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