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People of Tammerforce: Anni

Working out peoples mind since 2010

Name: AnniPosition: Service Designer, Culture AdvisorEducation: M.A. in Literary Studies. Service design and Futures studies.Joined Tammerforce in summer 2010

10th Futuricean at team Tammerforce

When applying to Futurice back in 2010, Anni was working in Germany. She wanted to move back to Finland to finish her studies and find a part-time job.

As luck would have it, nine Futuriceans from the Tampere office – affectionately known as Tammerforce – were also looking for a new part-time employee. After meeting the team and having good discussions, Anni became the tenth Futuricean to join team Tammerforce.

From Human Care to Culture Advisor

Anni’s first job at Futurice focused on taking care of the office environment and administrative tasks. Day by day, her responsibilities started to develop more and more towards the Human Resources domain – known at Futurice as Human Care – and that’s how Anni grew into the Human Care Specialist role.

During these years, she has been an important part of developing the Futurice culture, our work on diversity & inclusion and wellbeing in the workplace, as well as our participation in Great Place to Work and implementation of the Auntie service.

In 2020, Anni wanted to take a new step in her career – from the internal Human Care team to Futurice’s design team. Her main driver in this shift was the willingness to learn about and understand new domains and client organisations.

“It’s awesome to be able to demonstrate that it’s possible to change from an internal role to a client-facing one. It’s more typical to make a similar move the other way around,” Anni says about her latest career move.

Typical day

Anni’s typical workday varies between doing concentrated analytical work independently, and teamwork with others – for example, facilitating workshops and interviewing, and turning findings and insights from the workshops into an easy-to-understand format for the client.

“In client work I actually have far fewer meetings than in an internal role,” Anni points out. But even today, Anni sharing and sparring is a big part of her work – both with her team members and with clients.

“In many ways, all the work we do is about communication.”

Learnings at Futurice

“As part of a professional team, you can really affect a company’s ways of working and culture,” Anni says.

Her career at Futurice has taught her that you can learn just about anything you want. You don’t need to be ready when joining Futurice, as you’ll have space to learn.

Anni’s next ambition is to learn more about leading projects.

Why Tammerforce

According to Anni, the best things at Tammerforce are our professional and lovely people, the trust you’re given, and the interesting career development opportunities you have within reach.

“Here you’ll have the ability to be professional but also playful – to relax and not to take yourself too seriously, and it really contributes to your energy and creativity!”

At team Tammerforce you can truly be yourself, no questions asked. You’ll have the opportunity to try and fail, as well as succeed.

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