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Futurice Appoints Sonja Lakner as Sweden Managing Director


Jasmina Menicutch

Marketing Manager, Stockholm

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Stockholm, October 1 2019. International digital engineering and innovation company Futurice has appointed Sonja Lakner as managing director of its Sweden office as it embarks on the next phase of growth.

Futurice works with market leaders to build groundbreaking digital services across different sectors like telecom, financial services, manufacturing, energy, and retail. Clients include Telia, Halebop, SAS, Electrolux and Carglass.

After a year as Strategy Director at Futurice Stockholm, Sonja takes over the role of Managing Director. As a Strategy Director, she has led innovation projects with some of Futurice’s key clients, such as Halebop, Telia and Absolut. Originally from Austria, Sonja moved from London to Sweden in 2007 to run the Stockholm office of digital agency North Kingdom.

Sonja has a background in digital communication and innovation, with years of hands-on practice in leading cutting-edge projects with international brands like Lego, Google, Disney, Adidas and Levi’s. Her experience of working with companies at the forefront of innovation has taught Sonja what works and what the potential pitfalls with different approaches are.

“I witnessed the shift from the first new digital departments popping up within very innovative companies, mostly focusing on marketing campaigns and awkwardly placed within IT departments,” Sonja says. “Now digital is the central driving force for the success of most companies. The same is happening with AI and data now, but this time around we can build on what we learned from the last business transformation. It’s an exciting time to work at a company like Futurice.”

Commenting on Sonja’s appointment, Futurice CEO Teemu Moisala said:

“Sonja’s first year at Futurice has been a real deep dive into the business and unique culture of our company - and she has taken to it like a fish to water. I am really excited to work with her to grow our presence in Stockholm and the Nordic countries, as well as deepen the relationship between our offices in Sweden, Finland and Norway.”

Sonja continues:

“I am very excited about this opportunity as Futurice really stands for the type of consultancy I believe is the future. In the time of conglomerates and mergers, Futurice belongs to a rare breed of independent consultancies that bring together the best of agency and consultancy world. Our teams cannot only identify problems worth solving through service design but also know what it takes to see these projects through to the end by adding hands-on capabilities in UX/UI design, data science and quality engineering. We believe in the power of multidisciplinary teams so we always bring advisors, designers and full-stack developers together to create more than the sum of the team members.”

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