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Programmer proverbs

Programming is about understanding with precision. Not about trying until it works.​

Make specialized libraries. Modularity will follow.​

Learning is your fuel. Stagnation is your enemy.​

The first symptom of stagnation is preference.​

When debugging, stay lean and validate your riskiest assumptions.​

Being an expert can be an excuse for staying in your comfort zone.​

Being a generalist can be an excuse for not learning deeply.​

​Treat code as work with deadlines. Treat code as polished art.

Don't have long-lasting opinions. Allow discoveries to quickly change your mind.​

​Elegant, efficient, and effective code beats any argument.

Humble yourself to designers. They will teach you elegance.​

You write your own code more than you read it. Have someone else review it.​

Ignore the popularity of a solution. Stay close to the Science.​

​Write code accessible to other programmers. Write code that teaches them.

​Coding is neither wizardry nor kung fu. It's better.

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