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My week @ Futu

Who am I?

I'm 15-year-old student named Arttu from Suupanniitty School in Pirkkala and I were in our school's "work practice program" at Futu this week.

What I did?

Mikko Pohja was helping and showing what work is in Futurice. This week I have done coding and some other helpful things at the office. One of my coding projects this week was making camera detect "kanban board" using computer-vision. I just copy-pasted the code from internet and mixed it so it worked. I knew almost nothing about computer-vision. Project was challenging because I didn't understand the code perfectly so I just tried and it worked.

I also unboxed and installed some monitors that came to office other day. One day I helped hanging one of the lego models that are at the office to the roof. Last day I were listening "Futu-Friday" and weekly meeting. And of course writing this post.

arttu-lego Thanks for people at Futu for being nice to me and letting me see how to do work at Futurice Oy.


  • Arttu Ritala
    TET trainee