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Ladies – I’m All Ears

For me two things define Slush: it’s a place for inspiration and a place for sharing that inspiration with others. I wonhttps://app.contentful.com/spaces/pqts2v0qq7kz/entries/690068’t be there to look for venture capital and I’m not there to network for new business either. It’s simply for the pleasure of learning from these unique individuals who’ve not only had the courage to follow their own vision, but are out there to share it with us.

There is, however, one more superhero class to add: those that not only carry these traits, but also through their work pursue enabling learning for others.

On that note, don’t miss out on this superhero(ine) class of 2015:

  1. Sanna Lukander
    • Working with Rovio and Angry Birds Sanna noted quickly the enormous power of characters to make learning more fun for kids. She'll share the story as one of the keynote speakers on Slush Edutech.

2. Linda Liukas - Noting that programming is a powerful tool to carry in your pocket, Linda has been developing ways to build this a skillset among women (through Rails Girls) and later on kids (Hello Ruby – children’s book).

3. Sue Gardner - Access to information builds the grounds to enable learning – and Sue has had a major role in scaling-up Wikipedia to what it is today.

You can find these influential women and more inspirational speakers here.

See you at Slush!


  • Portrait of Anni Harju
    Anni Harju
    Head of Strategy