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It's undeniable: we need more inclusion in IT. To build an industry where everyone can be themselves, feel at home and enjoy equal opportunity, we need to collaborate beyond the boundaries of our organisations.

Portrait of Heidi Pech
Heidi Pech

Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

To tackle this complex issue on a local level, Futurice has started an exciting journey together with some of our fellow tech, design & strategy consultancies in Helsinki, through the formation of ITclusive.

This group, made of representatives from our company, Inklusiiv, Gofore, Nitor, Reaktor, Siili, Solita, Vincit and Wunderdog aims to enable learning and improve the industry for all by openly sharing challenges, wins and best practices in order to build our capacities for diversity and inclusion.

Our own Futurice Equity Workforce has been hard at work for over a year, and we've made progress with our global strategic D&I plan as well as concrete actions. For example, running a company-wide D&I audit and D&I onboarding sessions for all new employees. In the next six months we're focusing on inclusive leadership training, and also allyship training for our team members to tackle unconscious bias and better support one another.

This journey is not easy or quick, and there is much to do, but we are fully committed.

Each of us as individuals can make a difference by truly seeking to understand each other and being empathetic, but that is not enough. We have to take a stand as an organisation to change harmful practices and inequitable structures.

By joining forces with other players in our industry, we can have a bigger impact. When we don’t work in isolation, but open ourselves to others in the industry and society at large, we can really start shifting some structural paradigms. We believe that this is a topic where sharing our best practices with each other and working together with new initiatives, we can truly make an impact and make the world more equitable place for all.

We look forward to sharing our insights and learning from others.

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