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Futurice launches a new subsidiary: Recordly


Recordly is set to accelerate data business at ambitious European companies focusing on data management, data architectures, and hands-on data engineering.

Mikko Viikari

Co-founder, Futurice

Together with the experienced founding team, the digital engineering and innovation company Futurice is announcing the launch of Recordly, a business data company.

Recordly capitalizes the unrealized opportunities of data for companies to thrive in any industry. The Recordly team works on data management, data architectures, and hands-on data engineering that enable exceptional user experiences, efficiency gains, and new business models.

“The Recordly idea was conceived during the pandemic which dramatically accelerated the pace of digitalization, and especially the need for managing business data. Futurice excels in building intelligent data-driven solutions. To accelerate our service as fast as the market opportunity, we created a company focused on business data management” Mikko Viikari, Co-founder, Futurice.

“The mass digitalization during covid-19 called the bluff of many companies. The requirement for better data engineering becomes visible, for example, when a customer who has already purchased a product online continues to get misplaced notifications to buy it. Different databases are not integrated, are missing intelligence or are unable to work in real-time for a differentiating customer experience. The business logic is not utilizing available data and is missing opportunities to create better service for customers. Opportunities with data are endless.” Katriina Kiviluoto, CEO, Recordly.

Working with real-world cases across a wide range of industries, Recordly founders saw a growing need for businesses to transform by mastering their growing amounts of complex, unpredictable, and multi-channel data to make business out of it.

”This year, businesses have experienced a new level of forced change and realized they were unable to make the strategic changes they wanted to with the data they had. Data engineering is needed, and what we do is like deep heart surgery for the organizations that have seen that success from data cannot just be a skin-deep solution,“ continued Kiviluoto.

Recordly’s founding team consists of data management experts from different backgrounds with experience from hyperscalers and retail, to telecommunications, media, and machinery industries.

“We believe that the winners in today’s data-driven business are the companies that are able to create an environment where business and IT work seamlessly together. We have gathered and are growing this team of top data engineering experts to help people understand the deepest level opportunities hidden in the unique data asset the company has tucked away in different systems of records. Then we help them do something about it.” Kaisa Rolig, Head of Sales, Recordly.

Recordly joins the growing family of Futurice companies focused on bleeding edge digitalization, working across Europe. Recordly being the fifth subsidiary of Futurice, joining Columbia Road, Meltlake, Thriv and Aito.ai, is continuing to use this model to build a balanced environment for both business and personal success.

For additional information:

Recordly Katriina Kiviluoto CEO & Co-founder, Recordly Katriina.kiviluoto@recordlydata.com +358 40 5789889

Futurice Mikko Viikari Co-founder, Futurice mikko.viikari@futurice.com +358 50 379 7152

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