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Futurice's interview process

Futurice is an engineering and innovation consultancy. We don’t have our own products and we usually don’t own the software we produce. The only real thing Futurice has is the people. Damn good ones, I might add. We differentiate ourselves from the competition with our culture, and recruitment is the place where building a great workplace begins.

If you are applying for Futurice, it’s good to know what we are looking for in future employees. Be your competence in development, design, analytics or business consultancy, in addition to the necessary substance skills, we expect three main qualities from you:

  • You are smart.
  • You get things done.
  • You fit in our open and transparent culture. All in all, we are looking for damn nice people.

The two phases of interviews

When you send your application, we evaluate as soon as we can. In some cases the match looks very clear, and you might get a direct invite to a meeting. In some cases, we might give you a good old-fashioned phone call where we discuss what kind of opportunities you are looking for and what Futurice has to offer. If both you and we think that there’s a good fit here, we agree on a proper meeting. Nothing compares to face-to-face discussions.

As the people are so important to us, we want you to meet at least a couple of ours—also giving you the possibility to evaluate things yourself—before we might go on with starting concrete discussions about employment. In the most typical case, it takes two meetings to get enough information for both parties (but not necessarily in the order listed below).

One interview is about the culture and people. If possible, your potential supervisor will be in the interview. We’ll discuss about career goals, attitude, and people skills. Both we and you have to get the feeling of desire to work together in a real life project. For you, there's a good chance to get a lot of information about Futurice as a company and a working place. Have your questions ready, as this is a good opportunity for you to grill us as well!

Another interview concentrates on core competences. This means digging deeper into the hairy details and concrete examples, and many other aspects important for the day-to-day work. The interview is typically carried out by two current Futurice employees and possible future teammates who are more or less specialists in your competence areas. So would be the place for deep-dive questions from your side to our experts.

If you are applying for a more senior role, we might ask for a third interview. This is always dependent on the case, and no general rule can be given. Usually it’s about discussing your future role in more detail, or meeting some specific people from our organization.

Calling the shots

At this point, we should both have pretty a good picture of each other. It’s time for decisions. We’ll make a proposal, and then we’ll discuss together on the terms. We’ll introduce our total compensation package, and how our career path model works. Now, it’s up to you to make the final call.

What if we can’t find a suitable position for you in our organization? We like to give feedback to all of our applicants, even if we can’t offer a position. You'll have the right to hear why we made the decision we did. We also try to give you some tips and guidance for your CV, application, and career in general, so you can improve your chances with any future aspirations.

This is just the outline of our interview process. We hope to see your application in any case, so we can discuss more about Futurice’s culture and the work we do. The chances are that you just might be the future colleague we are looking for!


  • Portrait of Tuomas Paasonen
    Tuomas Paasonen
    Work culture engineer / Social responsibility