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Code school for adults

I’m a huge fan of Code School for kids (Lasten koodikoulu). I believe everybody can code if they want to. People who work closely with coders also benefit from learning to code in their daily work. That’s why we at Futurice decided to arrange a code school for adults, more precisely for our non-coding employees.

Before the event I asked participants what they wanted to learn in code school. From their answers it was clear that they wanted to understand how web applications work these days. Instead of giving a long lecture about it, I decided they’d learn better by doing. So I made them build their own web application. Their task was to code a simple Live feed -application that shows comments from users.


Here are a few quotes from the feedback:

"Good introduction to coding with practical examples and instructions to get things done."

"Really good deep dive with great exercises."

If you want to start coding don't think about it — just do it! The Internet is full of good places to get started. Our material is also free to use and play around with, and if you feel like it, make a pull request and make it better!

A sample version of the Live feed application is here:https://sleepy-savannah-8924.herokuapp.com/

The source code and exercises you can find here:https://github.com/tiinaromu/webschool


  • Tiina Romu
    Software Developer