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Beer & Tech at Futurice Berlin

A Futurice Berlin specialty​ A Futurice Berlin specialty

At Futurice Berlin, we have a long-standing tradition of holding so-called Beer & Tech sessions on Friday afternoons. We open a beer, sit down and listen to presentations on a variety of subjects. A fair amount of tech talk, to be sure, but don't let the name mislead you into thinking it's just for geeks. There are plenty of talks on design, service creation, company culture and business, among other things.

Since its inception around two years ago, we've blissfully boozed our way through such edifying gems as "The Correct Philosophy of Programming", "Service Design at Sea", "Non-violent Communication", "Enemy of the State" and "The Damage Hackers can do to Modern Organizations". Not forgetting "Zero-downtime Automated Server Stack Upgrades on AWS", of course.

Recently, we started to film these get-togethers and the results are available to be enjoyed on this dedicated Vimeo channel:


Production values are minimal, to say the least - just one video camera recording both sound and image for now. Consider it an MVP, which will be iterated on.

Hope you enjoy the talks we've already recorded and watch this space for exciting additions in the near future.


  • Erik Jälevik
    Software Developer